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Thread: Favourite Movie

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    My Film Studies teacher asked me if we had to pick only ONE movie to take on an island for enjoyment (so no "How to survive while stranded on an island: 5th Edition ), what would it be?

    I had serious difficulty answering this question. If I like movies, I rewatch them, but I never really think about which ones I like the most. Very rarely do I look up a movie to watch just because.

    So my question is: what's your favourite movie? (Let's try and keep my film studies stipulation: NO SPOILERS [or at least give a warning/wrap spoiler tags around it])

    I'll try to post a response when I can actually think of a movie I like enough to call my "favourite".

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    I'm not really an anime fan but my favourite movie is without a doubt Studio Ghibli's 'Grave Of The Fireflys.'

    It is the only movie I can watch again and again without getting tired of it, and it still makes me cry every time.

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    mine is Percy Jackson & the olympians the lightning thief it was pretty good

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    That is really hard, I cant really say which one is my exact number one movie!! but here is a list on the tops with movies I have seen over atleast 10 times

    Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas - cult classic based on Hunter S Thompson's book where Johnny Depp playing HST, I think its a very good adaption, stays true to the book. Although its not a movie for everyone and I dont think alot of people will understand the dark humor. I know some irl friends that does not get it at all!
    another movie based on HST Rum Diary might be released this year, it has already had like private screenings for critics.

    Blow - another movie with Johnny Depp where he plays George Jung, a cocaine smuggler who was really affiliated with Pablo Escobar. So its based on a true story and shows his crazy life

    Once upon a time in America - Robert De Niro's best performance, Sergio Leone's magnus opus, 4 hours long(was actually going to be longer like more than 6 I think!) an epic gangster movie

    Battle Royale - in Japan sometime in the future(I think it is in a soon future) they send school classes to an island every year where they are supposed to kill each other, wearing a neck that can explode so if more than 1 person has survived they will all die, directed by Kinju Fukasaku (great Japanese director)

    Full Metal Jacket - anti - war movie by Stanley Kubrick... awsome

    Dazed & Confused - Great feel good movie!

    some honourable mentions. The Big Lebowski, Almost Famous, American Psycho, Candy, Ichi The Killer, Lord of War, Taxi Driver, Casino, Goodfellas, Heat

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    well My Favorite Movie is National Treasure for sure [the first]
    Kick Ass is in close second,but loses out for being so vulgar

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    I'm split right now between Pulp Fiction, Fight Club, and The Matrix.

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    Aaaah.. geez. That one movie is lodged into my head... I know it's there, but I cannot for the life of me remember anything about what my 'favorite' movie is.

    Sssshiii-... ..I'mma just say a recent, good movie I saw.

    Law Abiding Citizen is a goodie.

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    I qould have to choose 21. But there are a million other movies that are very close.

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    In those particular conditions, desert island, enjoyment only, to watch on my own..... Trainspotting, I think would do it: it has a cracking soundtrack (important if I can't take my 8 songs with me) and it's as much fun with out anyone else to watch with, in a way that some movies (e.g. Withnail & I) are not.

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