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Thread: have you got any pets?

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    Default have you got any pets?

    I know this question has been asked before, but the threads are closed, so I am just wondering who on the forum has any pets?

    Technically non of my landlords at my student housing whilst at uni allowed pets, but after two years of not living with a cat I caved in and got a kitten. Somehow I managed to convince my landlord that the 'no pets' rule wasn't a rule so much as a suggestion. So he caved in and said we could have her, so at the moment I just have one cat (see avatar) who I completely adore and probably spoil and dote on far more than is good for either of us - all of my friends are convinced that I will be a crazy cat lady when I grow up living with dozens of cats and treating them all as my babies. They may be right, I don't see that as a bad future anyway - who could be unhappy surrounded by cats?

    As you've probably guessed I'm much more a cat person than a dog person - if I did have a dog I would probably have one that reminded me of a cat, like a long-haired chihuahua, but then when I think about getting a dog in my future I remember I could get a cat instead...

    But I love pets - as a child we always had a cat, and we also bred dwarf hamsters and had goldfish, rabbits and a guinea pig over the years as well. When I grow up (I'm 23, but I still talk about being 'grown-up' all the time!) and have the money & space I hope to be surrounded by a menagerie of spoilt animals. Only mammals though, personally I'm not a fan of birds, fish, insects or reptiles, but I can see their attraction.

    So do you have, or wish you could have, any pets?

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    Right now, I can't have pets at my apartment (well unless i want to pay extra), but I have a cat at my parents home (it is basically my cat from growing up) that is a tuxedo cat of about 12 years so far. I think eventually I'll have pets, maybe another cat *shrugs*, would love to get a Border Collie sometime probably.

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    i have a dog right now but i would also like a cat cause i like both dogs and cats

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    I have 2 golden retrivers have had the first one for 11 years so far....we bred her 3 years ago and we have her daughter. I saved a little dog in the lark about a year ago(shes allergic to grass)...and I saved a cat about 7 years ago that we still have.

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    I have never had any pets myself but my Aunt who lives with me does have a wonderful corn snake she also used to have a python but she sold that. There have been quite a few pets that have lived in my house but were either my uncles or my aunts including lots of fish, two hamsters and even a kitten but my aunt was allergic to it

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    Got a cat named Frida at roughly 4 years, playful, hyper and still very kitten like despite being 4 years old.

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    No pets, as such. The College apparently doesn't like them, except for fish... And I don't care what you say; fish aren't pets. At home, though, we have 4 cats, a dog, and a guinea pig. And Fish. But like I said. Fish don't count.

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    I had pets and then couldn't have them anymore when I moved.

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