Given our success last time (, I've decided to bring back the article rep bounty.

Here's how it will work:

  1. If you nominate a really good post for article status, and it is accepted as an article as a result of your nomination, you get an automatic +1. You can nominate old posts if you want.
  2. If you write an article for ADISC, and it is accepted, you get an automatic +1 or +2, depending on the quality of the article.

The articles you write/nominate don't have to be about ABDL topics.
They could be about other things that our members may be interested in reading.


  1. I may decide to withdraw the rep reward later, so if you want it, act now.

To nominate a post that already exists, create a new thread in the requests forum:
  • The title of the requests thread should be "article nomination".
  • The message itself should include a link to the exact post that you wish to nominate.

To get the exact link for a post, simply:
  1. Go to the post.
  2. Right-click on the "#number" at the top right of the post, e.g: "#3".
  3. Select "Copy link location" (Firefox) or "Copy Shortcut" (Internet Explorer). This will copy the link to your clipboard.
  4. Use CTRL+V to paste the link into your requests thread, so we can easily find the exact post you're nominating.

To submit a new article, post it in the requests forum, with the title "article submission".