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Thread: Post links to your youtube videos

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    Default Post links to your youtube videos

    The title says it all BUT in order to post it you HAVE TO comment on the video above you. That way people don't just post videos and not bother looking at other peoples videos.

    YouTube - call of duty 4 music video (until the day i die)

    YouTube - Spokane river and cour d alene

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    ... Meh, another COD video, and I am not a fan of screamo music sooo ya...

    I am sure that you mean well with this, but people should be aware that they could be posting info about themselves that they dont want out there by posting links to their personal YouTube videos. I think posting videos of OTHER peoples videos and commenting on them is cool, but thats just me...

    Anyways, heres one that has been one of my favs lately. Im telling you, these kids are gonna make it BIG one day...

    YouTube - "For Good" from Wicked (ft. Nick Pitera)

    Check out this guys channel, hes actually the producer of all the videos, and a songwriter, and isnt a singer, but he too, will make it big...

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