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Thread: Hi I'm Starlight :)

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    Default Hi I'm Starlight :)

    Hello all *waves* I'm Starlight....

    I'm still confused if I am an AB/DL.. i was introduced to this by my boyfriend and well to him I have been a caretaker but at times i try to be the other role.

    Another thing I'm also a furry. lol I dont have a specific fursona but usually i'm a fox, a wolf, and a coyote. hehe

    Well that's me. If you have any questions, go ahead and ask.. *huggs all*

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    really neat name I must say
    I like RPing [playing as] a girl [but i
    m not sissyish
    nice to see one *hugs back*

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    *waves* hello Starlight...

    Don't worry if you're not Ab/dl - caretakers are just as welcome :-)
    traditionally this is the point where the regulars say: that's lovely - now what are your interests outside of ABDL/furrydom?

    hope to see you around

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    I love photography.. and I hope to learn more about photoshop soon.. other than that i love to write sentimental non-sense.. you know the whole what is love blah.. other than that i love to listen to music and surf the web...

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    Thats cool, so what kind of life are you living outside of this site? Still in school, or do you have a job? You don't have to anwser me if its too personal for you. I ask way too many questions as it is.

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    What sort of music do you listen to?

    Also, I was in exactly the same situation as you were just two years ago, and now the freaks here have finally turned me into an AB as well. I know how tricky and difficult it is for you right now, and if you need any help or advice im often in the IRC, or you can PM me when you get that power.

    Also, there's a like in my signature (beneath this post!) that says 'coming out thread' which tells my story, and might help you feel a bit more comfortable when you see how nicely I was treated here

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