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    I have been lurking here for a while and now I decided to introduce myself. My name is Artur, I am from Latvia, 17 years old. I am DL. I came here because I want to meet some people who have same interest(-s) with me. I didn`t chat with anyone who had interest in diapers, yet. I have been keeping my DL side private for 5 years already (nobody except me knows about my secret). I live with my family (Father, mother and my small brother). I have many different interests besides my DL activities but first I want to tell you my story.
    I was 13 when I had a first physical contact with a diaper, it was a baby diaper which belonged to my brother (Huggies Little Walkers (don`t remember the size now)). I took it from a big pack of diapers, just because of curiosity. But after I took it in my hands something changed in me. I felt excited and started touching the diaper. I started applying it to the different parts of my skin, but I stopped because I remembered what I wasn`t alone at home. From this moment of my life I understood with my soul, what I like diapers and where is nothing I can do about it.
    A month passed quickly and when I was alone at home, I decided to try the diaper on. I take one diaper (Huggies little walkers (don`t remember the size agian) ) from the locker and went to the bathroom. The diaper was small, but I knew what it was stretchy. I slowly removed my underpants and started little by a little pulling the diaper on. When I was done I felt very good in the diaper although it didn`t cover my genitalia completely (so I couldn`t use the diaper with comfort). After a few minutes I felt wrong about being in a baby diaper, I suddenly thought about the reasons why I was doing it and I couldn`t find any explanations (I didn`t knew anything about the subject that time), so I felt worried about my mind and decided to stop. I removed the diaper, put on my underpants and started crumpling and battering the diaper until it became small, soft white ball. I went to my room opened the window, looked around and threw the ball as far as I could, I sad to my self: "It was the first and the last time, when I do it.", I didn`t imagine how I was wrong.
    About 2 or 3 months passed. I had been avoiding my new interest, but when I saw some new pack of diapers in the locker... I stoped. What was Pampers Active Baby, size 5.When I was alone, I put one on and it fit me. I enjoyed wearing and using the diaper for 1 or 2 hours, I had felt very good (relaxing, safe, happy). When I decided to end my joy, because it was time when someone from my family was about to came home, I went to the bathroom and had a shower in a diaper (I realy liked it too). When I was done with showering, I put the used diaper to the trash among with other diapers which were from my small brother. After this moment I started studying the subject (Diaper loving, diapers etc.) using the Internet. I found tons of information and I was amazed at first. I read about the theoretical side of diaper loving and infantalizm, browsed photos, read blogs, etc.. I understood I wasn`t alone with my interest. But in my world I was alone, I didn`t tell my family, friends, etc.. From this point I started enjoying wearing diapers time to time (when I was alone at home and where were a lot of diapers in a locker (I was afraid of my mums suspicion)). Time run, I grew and baby diapers didn`t fit me any more, so I started to use the sticky plastic lents to glue baby diapers to my body. One time I even bought a bigger diaper for my self (Pampers Active Baby size 6) among with other diapers (I went to the drug store to buy diapers for my brother). This is the short telling of my story about becoming DL.
    I like AB people too but I don`t know if I belong to them. I really don`t know how I got in to the diaper loving, I had a small bed wetting problem till 4, but my parents didn`t use diapers very much with me.
    Now I live with my family, go to collage and keep my DL side in secret. In my free time I usually read books, code programs for different platforms, watch movies, chat with different people etc.. I am friendly person and I will like to have a chat with someone here.
    I hope you read up to this place , sorry for my English, if you see any mistakes feel free to report. My native language is russian, but I also know English and Latvian.
    Thank you for reading this! Any questions?

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    I have a question!!! Nice intro... ooops, not a question :P So, what type of movies do you like? =)

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    Ooooh Latvian, I'm very impressed!

    Your English was really good

    What sort of movies do you like? And what are you studying at college?

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    Ah, cool, latvian. I have a decent percentage of that in me. Most people here don't even know it exists, lol. Nice intro and welcome to the site.

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