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Thread: Varicoceles and diapers.

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    Question Varicoceles and diapers.

    Yes, I already know that the thread: talks about vericoceles, however that thread was closed.

    I discovered a few weeks ago that I have a vericocele, and although not truly incontinent I like to wear diapers whenever possible.

    The question was do diapers provide support and help reduce symptoms of vericoceles, or are they the cause by contricting the blood vessels and raising scrotal temperature?

    I would love to hear anyone's thoughts, and I'm sorry i'm not a terribly active member of this message board, but it only seems right to turn to the experts in reguards to diaper and health concerns like this.

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    I mean I am far from an expert on vericoceles, and the automatic first response will be go ask a specialist because they will no a lot more about the minute details, and without knowing age/severity/associated symptoms there can be other concerns associated with vericoceles that might be helped/evaluated by your physician. That said, assuming you have seen your physician, just thinking about the pathophysiology behind vericoceles I can't really see a way a diaper will have any affect at all on the underlying process if used normally, beyond maybe the slight support that it provides which might/might not really help with any symptoms of testicular pain in the first place.
    Basically the underlying issue in vericoceles is dilation of the pampiniform plexus of veins in the testis due to some underlying cause of venous incompetence, normally the underlying pathophysiology is secondary to the anatomy of the left gonadal vein which empties into the left renal vein which has to cross between the aorta and superior mesentaric artery which can cause Lt. renal vein compression, leading to an increase in left renal vein intravascular pressure which can increase left gonadal vein intravascular pressure causing it to dilate and creating valve incompetence leading to venous congestion secondary to retrograde flow in the left gonadal vein when you are standing. There are other causes of vericoceles which can indicate a more severe disease process at work, which is why it is important that anyone with a vericocele, even if it is isolated to the left side, at least see there physician for an initial work up.

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    I'm thinking the condition was aggravated by severe heavy lifting do to the nature of my occupation. I have seen a Hernia specialist, a Urologist, a radiologist, and I'll be seeing a radiologist that has training and 9 years experience treating vericoceles. I'm somewhat/mostly confident that he'll be able to properly embolize the left spermatic vein via access through a catheter through the right femoral vein....but still i'm nervous as all heck.

    I'm told that the doctor is going to embolize the main spermatic vein and that there are back-up veins that lay dormant until moments like when they shift such a massive amount of blood..

    I hope the procedure goes well.

    Also, thank you for replying so swiftly.

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    Of course there was complications and I wasn't able to have the surgery....ack.

    Someone in the workman's comp system didn't pull their end and now I don't know how long it could be before I'm patched up..

    Do vericoceles ever partially heal on their own?

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    I'm not thinking this is a popular thread...sorry to bother any of you ladies or gents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spike19 View Post
    Do vericoceles ever partially heal on their own?
    I'm not thinking this is a popular thread...sorry to bother any of you ladies or gents.
    Your thread isn't being ignored, it's getting read but there's just probably no experts on the subject here with advice to share. We're just waiting on you for an update

    btw I think it's "varicocele"

    I see no mention in that article that the condition can resolve itself given time. I don't know of any even remotely related vascular problems that resolve themselves without surgery.

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    So, it's October 6th already and I might be within months of trying to have that surgery again. How about this question:

    Could embolizing the left spermatic vein be done more than once? I've read that it helps with sperm production, but if my veins failed in 26 years I can't help but wonder what I've done and what I might do in the future to reduce my risk.

    Sorry this isn't a more interesting topic, I do realize that it's very highly specific.

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    It's not going to heal on its own, that's for sure. It will either get worse or remain static. And it's not your fault that you have one -- some people just get them and there's nothing you do to prevent it, only to treat it. I have two varicoceles, and one is, in the doctor's words: "on a scale of 1 to 3, it's a 4." I'll be getting both taken care of in December.

    Since you've already seen a few doctors, I'm sure you have your reasons for getting embolization. But my doctor advised against it. She said that technology has gotten a lot better in the past couple of years, and while some doctors are biased against surgical repair on the grounds that it doesn't always work (which was true back then), the microscopic technique they use today virtually guarantees that it's gone for good. In my case I have to have the surgery, or else I face sterility. It might be different in your case, depending on how severe it is. I believe the rule of thumb is that if it causes pain, testicular atrophy, or infertility, you need to get it repaired. But again, you're seeing your doctors, so I'm sure they have their reasons.

    More to the point of your question: Wearing diapers won't make it worse, as far as I know. I was the one who started the first thread, which you referenced, and in my case I think it was the pressure from the diaper that was causing me pain and tenderness. But that's an easy fix -- loosen the diaper. Scrotal temperature might be consideration if you're already having infertility issues, but beyond that I wouldn't worry about it.

    On the other hand, neither do I think diapers will help to improve or stabilize your condition. As I understand it, it's not the degree of support that your little guys receive, it's the strain of blood flow. Whenever you bear down, those veins swell, and that's the sort of strain that can make things get worse, whether they're supported or not.

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