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Thread: AB/DL Nurseries?

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    Default AB/DL Nurseries?

    Hey guys,

    This is something I have been wrestling with alot for awhile now...I even had dreams about it lol. I really want to find an AB/DL nursery or someone I can go to that "takes care" of people like me...not just an escort service or w/e but someone who just does it for AB/DLs.
    I've read about some AB/DL "nurseries" online in places like Montreal, Ohio and Arizona but I was wondering if anyone here has heard about a better place to look them up or any advice about it. Thanks a ton!!

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    Haha, Charlie and his mum and sister were talking about this in the car yesterday, which was hilarious! His mum said he would do it for 100 an hour, as long as she didn't have to have sex with them! She thought it was hilarious!

    (They don't know about this side to him!)

    I think if you google it then lots of results will come up. I've not heard of any people on here that have been to one so I'm not sure how much good advice you'll get here

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    You're only a state over. If you could make it over here, I'd love to take care of you.

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    (Thanks for the rep comment, BTW. Only trying to be sweet.)

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    There are some who run almost like a preschool/kindergarten/daycares too, around the world , but they cost money, and to be honest some sound pretty damn dodgy...

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