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    Default Hello everyone

    Hi everyone. I'm new here from someone on FA. I'm hoping to find some diaper furs who would hopefully make new friends with me otherwise. ^^
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    Hi Alucard! One question: are you a TB, or an AB? Well, as my name says, I'm Bernard. So, have any interests other than diapers and related paraphernalia?

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    TB AB? Oh Teen or adult? I'm teen soon adult in about...4 months. ^^

    I'm into videogames, cooking, and trying to get away from my parents.

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    Why do you want to get away from your parents? Did they do something wrong? Or just college?

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    their smothering me as well as I don't have many friends IRL which also sucks and they harass me since I'm stuck in the house. Nagging and crap. Their both elderly even through I'm a teen (was adopted.) And I just wish I could find someone I could hang out with to get away.

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    Awww. Only if California were much closer... :P So, are you planning to go to college someplace else?

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    Hey Alucard, welcome to the site

    Waht sort of music are you into? And what's your favourite meal to cook?

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    Hmm...To cook it's just about anything I think that I've learned so far but I enjoy things like...hmm...I enjoy making pizza pockets and smoothies.

    Music is just about anything on GH or RB. Almost all though. Find a good song and I look up the band and see if I like more of their music.

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    Am I the ONLY one who recognizes his name from the castelvania series?

    Wild guess, you played/enjoyed symphony of the night.
    (for those of us as slow as I am, alucard is dracula spelled backwards, fitting as he is the son of said demon.)

    anyhow, welcome.

    Am curious, what species is your fursona?

    *puts 20 dollars on a wolf/dog *

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    well I picked Alucard since I've been getting bashed about being a Koopa. Alucard is the name of my bat fursona but I am big into castlevania. My bat fursona though is the son of Charles the III from Viewtiful Joe but that didn't work out well then I learned about castlevania and thought "why not?" and now he's kinda a double sided fursona. ^^

    As for my koopa fursona he's a Yoshi Koopa. ^^

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