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Thread: Internet troubles (Where does this go...?)

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    Default Internet troubles (Where does this go...?)

    OKAY, first of all: I'm back. Hooray. If you don't remember me or know me, howdy to you.

    Anyways; It seems I've ran into a bit of trouble with the internet connect variety.

    The problem is as follows: For months now, I have left my Xbox 360 unattended and unplayed as I happily enjoyed my Laptop.

    Suddenly, I get the urge to play it. All goes well, la-de-da.

    Then.. my Xbox cannot get internet. What's the deal? I fix that, that's all good now.

    Oop! Now my Laptop cannot get internet. Why? My Xbox is on. And to fix this, I must disconnect my xbox from the internet, reset the modem and router for for about 20 minutes, try again and pray.
    This is my first time back on the internet in two days. This is down right awful.

    I was told it was interference from the Xbox's wireles adapter, and my laptop's wifi. Of course, my method of fixing this was to use my laptop so my xbox can connect, by ethernet cord and bridge connections. But.. that's not working out too well.

    TL;DR: Oh God, I need aid. Internet = No.

    Whoever helps me, gets a nice, great big cookie!

    (Also; we've agreed to contact my ISP if we cannot find a fix.)

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    the same thing happenns when my brother connects to the internet my laptop and anything else in the house does not get wi-fi, i got a solution disconect and reconect 2 times that is the only way i get mine to work after that

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    I take like... 100 trips a day downstairs to unplug and replug in the router/modem.

    Disconnecting didn't do much for me. I can connect to the router and modem fine. That's okay.
    The internet is my bane..

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    maybe its the cable connected to your modem or the wire that goes from the modem to the router, maybe one of em is missplaced or something

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    Hopefully Mr. Big, bad ISP man can find the problem and all will be well...

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    The most likely thing I can think of, is you have static IP set on your xbox and laptop, so you cant connect two devices with the same IP to the router at once. Granted if thats the case your laptop will complain when it trys to connect and the xbox is already connected. Try setting One or the other to dynamic so it will pick its own IP address. You may also want to go into your router settings and make sure you dont have it limiting the number of connections. Usually you do this by going to in an internet browser but some routers are different. You may have to look it up. Also when you say reset, do you simply mean you unplugged it and left it sit for 20 min? or you pushed the physical reset button? Because they act differently. And if this was an issue before you may need to update your firmware for the router.
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    There are 2 other laptops connecting to internet. My mom's mini-awful laptop, and my mom's friend's laptop.

    I should also mention my PS3 connected to the internet whilst my laptop was connected just fine (I haven't tried as of late).

    Your suggestions sparked some ideas, and I think I'll try them. Thanks for the help, I'll update if anything has happened.

    Also, I simply unplug it and watch TV. I haven't really noticed a reset button. I should probably look around more.

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    Well I hope I helped in some way. If you figure anything out, or anything changes Ill try and come up with more ideas. Though as time goes on they are gonna become more ludicrous.

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    Thanks for the help, again, I'll update if anything happens.

    I just hope whatever happens is on the positive side..

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    Technologic is on the right track. It does sound like that either both devices are using the same IP address when on wireless and or your Router is limiting the number of wireless connections at one time.
    Each router manufacture will have a different IP address used to configure your router. Check your manual or look it up on the internet. You may also find out that your ISP won't be much help for you. Most ISP don't like and won't work with users that use routers. The first thing they have you do is take the router out of the loop and if you have internet connection going direct into the modem, then they will say there isn't a problem. For more advanced help, knowing the brand of router you are using would help us let you know where and what to look at when you log into the router to configure it.

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