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Thread: What Fascinated You Most As A Child

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    Question What Fascinated You Most As A Child

    Taking another trip down memory lane here. Different things of a mechanical nature held a certain fascination with me - old style elevators with operators, streetcars, trains, steel wrecking balls knocking down buildings. But, what held the greatest fascination for me as a pre-school age child was garbage trucks! When I would hear the truck coming down the alley I would run to the end of our backyard, still in my jammies, to watch the men banging metal trash cans into the back of the truck and banging the empties back on the concrete again. Once the truck back area was reasonably full, one guy would pull down a door and pull on a handle that would activate the trash compacting sequence. Once done, the door would pop open on it's own and the trash was gone, into the bowels of the truck body.

    When I turned 5, we moved to an apartment building, but my fascination with trash disposal trucks continued. Now, old enough to venture around the immediate neighborhood, I knew what days trash was collected and would follow the truck for blocks. My mother actually looked all over for a toy trash truck for me to play with - and found one! It was all metal with rubber tires (as most wheeled toys were in the 1950's) and had a dumper you could fill with *trash*. There was a handle to crank the dumper up and, as it went up, a door opened up for the dumper to unload the trash into the truck. The truck could be tipped back when full, and a bottom door would automatically open to unload all the truck's contents. Pretty neat, one-of-a-kind toy! Wish I still had it. Anyway, that was my biggest fascination as a about you?


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    At the supermarkert mall that I used to live near there was this one lift. Which would actually go through water and out to the carparks. I was always amazed that I was able to breathe under the water! I also held my breathe when we were about to go into the water but was amazed that all of this was underneath water which I had heard through tv could drown you. Weird huh?

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    Garbage trucks, exit signs, dead ends. Yes I know I was a weird child haha.

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    I was always fascinated by cityscapes at night, the web of lights connecting each other. Street signs, traffic lights/streetlights at night, basically everything like that.

    Also, anything I could build with K'nex. I never had Lego's really, I played with K'nex. ^^;
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    Clocks - apparently at the age of 2 I went on a holiday to France and I could remember where every clock tower that we went past was

    The workings of pens - actually I am still obsessed with the workings of pens

    Space - I could name most of the constellations in the Northern Hemisphere

    Lego - I still would be if it hadn't been banished to the attic in the name of creating space

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    Footed P.J.


    Tow trucks. Now I'm interested in fire apparatus (or "appliances" if you're in that part of the world).

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    The weather. I was an odd child. As a baby. Storms made me sleep soundly. And if I was awake, I'd dart to the window to watch.

    Even now, at 19, when it starts raining heavily, I run outside as to dance. I'm so at peace with the planet and all that I become as content as can be.

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    Lightning and storms! Back when I was younger and we actually had decent summer storms, I would sit outside for hours and just watch the lightning streak across the sky. I thought it was both beautiful and spectacular. I mean, free light show!

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