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Thread: Your Bedside Table

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    Smile Your Bedside Table

    Bed-Side Tables. That Nifty thing you have next to your bed to keep your stuff on.

    What does your's have on it? What does it look like?

    This is Mine!: Bedside Table - My Photo Gallery

    As you can see i have..

    My Glasses
    Xbox Controller
    "Tomorrow, when the war began" - John Marsden
    My Alarm Clock is on the shelf under it.

    So, Lets see your bedside table! or you can just tell us if you aren't comfortable with showing us



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    I don't have a camera so I'm just going to list the things I have.
    On my bedside table I have:

    *Alarm Clock

    There they are, theres heaps more; too much to list.

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    I don't have a camera so I'm also going to have to list the things on my bedside table:

    On my bedside table I have:

    * Mobile Phone
    * 4 dummies/pacifiers
    * Glass of water
    * Baby wipes
    * Lamp
    * Books
    * Photo of me & ex-boyfriend (it's a nice photo & we're still good friends)

    I think that's all, although I'm downstairs at the moment so could be missing something.

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    Interesting Topic:P I have
    Mobile Phone / charger
    Bottle of Water
    My paci (long story short, my sister made my bed the other day and saw it (many questions followed) :P)
    Some study notes for one of my subjects
    And my plushies were there a minute ago, until they joined me in Bed

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    Quote Originally Posted by aussiebuoy View Post
    And my plushies were there a minute ago, until they joined me in Bed
    Kinky :P.

    when you had your HUGE bed, i couldn't reach your bedside table XD

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    My bedside table is old because it belonged to my grandmother it needs to be refinished.

    -Memory chest
    -Alarm clock
    -Cell phone

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    I don't have a bedside table!

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    Mine's a nice black-brown "Malm" (I think) thing from Ikea Matches my chest of drawers, two bookcases, mirror and bed

    Currently has *on* it: a rear satellite speaker from my Logitech Z-5400s, a pot of moisturising cream, TV remote control, my laptop, a copy of Terry Pratchett's Unseen Academicals and remotes for my bedroom's colour-changing LED lights.

    What's in it is far more interesting - as that includes all my baby powder, wipes, condoms & sex toys etc., plus some bars of chocolate

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badger View Post
    What's in it is far more interesting - as that includes all my baby powder, wipes, condoms & sex toys etc., plus some bars of chocolate
    What a strange place to keep your chocolate. Unless it's NOT actually for eating at your leisure. Say no more! Ewwww. Nobody wants to know!!! You two are dirty. ShhhhhhhhhhHH!!!!! This is a 13+ forum, you know! Shame on you. Pfft. And I'm done.

    On topic, old telephone (with a dial!), photo of Nona's parents, lamp, iPod docking station, pink glittery box, little Tatty Teddy with a heart saying "Love you lots", a little Boofle, and a birthday Tatty Teddy on a cupcake.

    Interestingly, it's not at our bedside. So I guess that disqualifies my list.

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    Well, I have 3 tables by my bed that could count as a bedside table. I have recently rotated my bed 180 degrees, so my head is now where my feet used to be. I also got a laptop, which made me want to put another table at the side of my bed so I could set it there. Yes, I am a table-hollic, if you will .

    The one by my feet (formerly by my head):
    - Playstation 2 + controller/hook-ups
    - A cup holder I seldom use
    - 3 Drawers beneath:
    > Top: Bibles/other night time reading books
    > Middle: Junk
    > Bottom: Video games and controllers (used to have some of my diaper stash)

    The one at my head (formerly by my feet):
    - My CD player/radio + CD remote
    - My alarm clock
    - Kleenex box
    - CD spindles
    - Candy, gum, and Advil
    - 2 shelf bookshelf underneath
    > Top: several books, video game cheat guides, magazines, some DVDs and PS2 games
    > Bottom: Some old electronics, including an early 90s laptop, and my tin that carries my pacifiers!

    The literal 'bed-side' table (near my chest, in front of the bookshelf):
    - Books I'm currently reading
    - My laptop when I'm not using it (also my wireless mouse, mouse pad, etc.)
    - TV remotes, pivot fan remote
    - Snack foods, water bottles, and the cup holders I use all the time

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