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    I haven't yet, but I am getting closer to telling my fiance. When I have more time I will be more specific about this.

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    I think you should. I don't think that this is such a big deal in the long run. Ya it's a little strange, but it's not so extremely out there that people who've never heard of it cannot understand it. If you explain it the right way you can at least get him to be ok with it.

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    I think this is something you have to do. I can't imagine being married to somebody whilst keeping such a big secret from them. Do you have any ideas about how you're going to tell her?

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    No specific ideas yet. I've been dropping extremely subtle hints. I have been talking about wanting footy pajamas for ages, and just the other night I told her that on the nights that she isn't home I sleep with a teddy bear, as well as showed her the pajamas I want. When I showed her, she told me that they were cute, and that she wished we had the money to order them now so I would have them before it gets cold. She went on to talk about how she missed the "My little pony" nightgown she had when she was little, and matching house shoes. I nearly told her right then, but I chickened out.

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    This evening my brother came to visit and stay at my place. He was worried about me after the events of yesterday, and didn't want me to be home alone. I am not sure how things took this turn, but when we were on our way to have dinner I made reference to there being something about me that I have never shared with any other member of our inner circle (referring to being AB). The rest of the way to the restaurant, he was pressuring me to tell him, and I won't lie, I wanted to tell him. Eventually, after we left the restaurant, I was able to tell him. He was cool, and actually mildly disappointed that it wasn't "more interesting" (his words).

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