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Thread: Please excuse my ignorance but...

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    Default Please excuse my ignorance but...

    I'm finally gonna do it, I'm going to get my first diapers. Here are my only options so what should I get
    Depends or Goodnites? Again sorry for not knowing much.

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    What are you looking for in a diaper? Which diaper you should get will depend on the qualities you want it to have.

    Do you want a pull-up style diaper or one with tapes?

    Do you want a plain white diaper, or one with childish designs?

    Will you use the diaper? Do you want to use it multiple times or just once?

    I don't know much about Depends as I've never used them, but what kind of Depends can you get? Just the pull-up kind, or the taped kind as well?

    Goodnites pull-up and have designs on the front, and are kind of absorbant - they can hold 1-2 wettings so aren't good for wearing for ages, but they will last a few hours in my experience.

    Sorry I can't really be anymore help, hopefully someone who has tried both can answer this better than me :-)

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    Both can be good, both are awful. You'll have to think about in your mind what "effect" you are after. Depends (assuming we're talking the fitted maximum protection...tape style) may invoke more of the infant diaper that you may be looking for. They are certainly going to be more "functional" than goodnites for adults. They however, are not very childish. Goodnites have a more child like (albeit for the older child) marketing to them so if you're fantasies involve living in that virtual age, they may be more fun.

    Of course, you'll eventually want to try all sorts of things: better tape diapers (perhaps even one of the "AB" targeted ones), playing around with actual baby stuff a bit, cloth diapers, etc...

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    It's hard to make a recommendation without out knowing how big you are. If you are in the size limits of Goodnites they will work as designed. If you are bigger than their size limits they will more than likely leak on you. I'm 125 Lbs, but still need to be careful how I wet them. Depends on the other hand are more "diaper like," tapes, plastic backed etc. However they are not that absorbent. I recommend stuffing them with a cheap size 6 baby diapers.

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    Goodnites all the way. Just as absorbent as Depends in my experiences, heh.

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    well considering neither are really too high quality it doesn't really matter

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    Nothing wrong not to know much about diapers ^_^ We all must begin somewhere.

    Diaper quality may be influenced by a bunch of factors, including the diaper general quality. It is possible that you may hit a bad lot and end up with crappy and/or leaky diapers, or hit a batch with, say, too much absorbent polymers and have better diapers than expected! In the last pack of Pampers I bought diapers seem to have a little too much polymers, other manufacturing defects may occur as well.

    Most people agree that Goodnites and Depends generally fall in the upper low-end category. Unfortunately most good quality diapers, such as Abri-Form X-Plus (Abena) are much harder to find in stores. You then pretty much have to order them online, if you can.

    Hope this helps ^_^

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