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Thread: Who went to the midnight release of Halo Reach?

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    Cool Who went to the midnight release of Halo Reach?

    So, I just got home, after waiting in line for four hours for Halo reach. Attachment 2675 Woot! Unfortunately I can't play it until after school... Who else went to the midnight release, how long did you have to wait in line, and what version did you buy?

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    I went spontaneously to a Best Buy one. I was debating if I was even gonna get it soon but since I found out earlier that they were having a midnight release and I have a decent amount of money in the bank I figured what the hell. I just got the standard edition but I got a beanie and $20 gift card just for that. I also got it quicker than people who preordered it lol.

    Oh and I was playing it a bit earlier. Campaign missions seem longer than Halo 3 ones (or maybe just because I haven't played through them a bunch of times). There is a bit of lag sometimes during Campaign and Firefight since the maps are much larger than the previous versions. Sniping is also easier IMO. Not much to say about Graphics...pretty much the same as 3/ODST other than the interface. Other than that there's quite a few changes to list but those are some of the more noticeable ones.

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    I did! I played it as soon as I got home too :P Me and my mates tryed to go through it on legendary off the bat, it is a LOT harder than the campaign in Halo 3 but it's so fun!

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    *sigh* It's killing me that I can't buy it... I need moeny for other things.... *sigh*

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    Oh, it's out finally? Cool. I stood in line for halo 3 back in '07; was like the 11th or 12th person in line. Good times... wish I could lol @ the nubs.

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    I myself, did not go, but I had a friend that did. He didn't show up to class today, because he was up playing all night.

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    Im not into the halo franchise but my friends from school are.

    My friend got his Reach a day before its release! I asked him how, and his response was "Walmart rocks"

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    I was at the EMP in seattle at the reach launch.

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