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    Hi everyone. I'm probably a bit older than most here, having been born in the 1950s. I've been an Information Technology professional for 30 years. Extra curricular activities/interests include RV trips, boating, flying (licensed pilot) and target shooting.

    I'm sissy AB/DL with furry interests. I find diapers and ageplay to be a great form of stress relief. I enjoy looking at furry art reading furry stories as well as stories dealing with regression. Favorite artists include Reva, Te'Targa, Tavi and Carrotte. Favorite authors include Mary Beth Sanford, Reva and C.S. Fox. I prefer art that does not expose "private parts" or include explicit sex. I prefer stories the same way. I don't have anything against "adult" art or stories (or the artists and authors that create it). It's just that I prefer material that is less explicit.

    I found this site by following a link from another site, most likely Fur Affinity.

    I'm married (childless by choice), and my wife has known about these aspects of my personality since shortly after we met. I consider myself very fortunate that she enjoys that side of me.

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    Welcome, i hope you have a good time here.

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    This, dear new people, is an almost perfect introduction!


    The only thing you're missing is....

    Coke or Pepsi?

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    You know your introduction is good when Talula doesn't throw links at you willy nilly.

    Welcome to ADISC =)

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    Born in the 50s myself as are a few others here so you are not so rare. We are accepted the same as the teens here, a little respect for others and the rules and the favor is returned.

    Welcome aboard!


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    Well, first of all I'll echo Talula, excellent intro. It said a lot about you, both by content and style.

    Good on you for your wife knowing about this side of you early on. It should go without saying, but it is actually quite common for people to spring this on their partner after the "I do's" are said, paperwork notarized and rings exchanged, not to mention the God-made celestial marriages writ in stone.

    I can only assume the flying involves being padded... I sure would.

    Please tell us more of the furry side of you: species, and so on. I am happy to meet more furs who are older than 20 irl (I notice you don't list your fursona age, but nor do you call yourself a babyfur.) Welcome to this lil corner of the interwebs; I have been out and about lately, exploring foreign places, but am happy to come home to Adisc, put my feet up by the fire, and catch up on my reading

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    Thanks for the welcome and the encouragement.

    If it's regular (sugared) then Pepsi. If diet, then Coke

    Padding is very convenient for flying. Much more than trying to use a bottle of some kind. For long drives or movies, too.

    For the longest time I didn't have the courage to wear padding outside the house. In more recent years I've realized that very few people will ever notice. If my outer clothes don't conceal my padding well enough, my wife will warn me. So now going out in public doesn't really bother me unless I think I'll be encountering family. Thankfully, my parents are still alive and I don't want Mom asking what I'm wearing under my clothes. Even at my age I have that concern in common with the younger members here.

    As far as my furry side is concerned, I'm not sure about species. I tend to identify with felines and foxes more than others, but I also have an affinity for sleek nimble critters like otters. When viewing artwork, I prefer cute. The species doesn't matter. Same thing with stories. If a story is interesting, it doesn't matter to me if the characters are avian, reptilian or mammalian. I haven't noticed much in the way of insectoid stories or art. I love fictional and fantasy critters as well. I just haven't figured out a single one that I identify with the most. I am sure that my inner fur is young, probably a toddler that still needs diapers.

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