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Thread: Diaper fetish? or diaper interest?

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    Default Diaper fetish? or diaper interest?

    hello fellow tbdl/abdls, My question is what is your interest in diapers/ab/tb. Is it only an interest or is it a fetish for you? For me its both^^

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    kinda both
    I was born needing them so there was no discovery
    so pure fetish! ^-^

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    Well im certainly interested in them...and they are sexual, so both

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    Fetish. I can't help but find people who have an interest in diapers that isn't sexually derived a little peculiar. It's hard for me to remove the sexual gratification I get from them and see what worth while positives there would be without it.

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    not my only fixation, but the most socially problematic, for all the obvious reasons.

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    Interest. That's why I didn't tick the "DL" box. It's not sexual whatsoever for me.

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    Interest. I find wearing diapers and dressing up to be great stress relief. I also like them for convenience when going to movies. I can enjoy my large drink without missing any of the movie to deal with the aftermath!

    There was a fetish element when I was younger, but no longer.

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    Both. If you have a fetish, then you have an interest in them. So I say if you have a fetish, you have an interest, but if you have an interest, you don't automatically have a fetish.

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