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Thread: How would you describe your style?

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    Default How would you describe your style?

    I guess you can say that this thread is more centered around items of clothing, but you can add general details as well. I'd just like to know how you guys would describe your personal style? Do you have your own style? Do you follow a certain style (emo, goth, gangsta, etc.)? Do you openly admit to having no style? (Lol.) Stuff like that.

    Personally, I think my style's pretty unique, yet influenced by a mixture of a few subculture dress codes, per se. I usually dress in either baggy or skinny jeans (rarely shorts) and Converses. Included tops would be plain shirts, usually stick to black or white when it comes to shirts. When wearing a nice black shirt I always got my lint roller on hand, though. xD. I like beanies, too. I have tons of black white and pink bracelets on my right hand, and also paint every other nail on said hand black. I also wear studded belts, buckle to the side, just because I've never seen anyone wear it like that that I know. I also listen to rap, metal, country, and pretty much everything else.

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    Not sure if I really follow any certain style, other then odd? xD. Usually if the weather is warm I just wear shorts, otherwise it is Khaki's or dress pants (I HATE jeans). shirtwise, I have a ton of sports team shirts, outside of those I have most just solid color shirts, though recently I have started liking odd colored or bright colored shirts (I have a lime green and a yellow :P). I probably would wear more hoodies when it got colder if I could ever find any I like (the ones I usually do like are for girls :/)

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    I don't follow any certain style at all; I really just have my own style. I wear whatever I want to wear, and listen to whatever music. I'm not into that mainstream crap.

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    I'm not really sure how I would describe my style, some days I'll wear jeans and a t-shirt (either AE, Hollister, or some sort of MX brand), and other days I'll wear khaki pants with a polo, just kind of depends on my mood.

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    I'd love to wear jeans all the time but the weather is simply too hot and I'm too active in this heat to be able to. So I pretty much only wear cargo shorts (I choose the functionality of larger pockets over style) but so does everyone else around here. As for the upper body usually the t-shirt of the day. I honestly have no style but I'm ready to build one. I avoid witty graphic tees and I'm trying to wear collared shirts and maybe an undershirt too. I don't really have a goal style that I'm shooting for and I haven't bothered to look for one until I can prioritize some money on a new wardrobe.

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    My friends describe me as a stylish oddball. I tend to dress depending on who I'm going out with, but I never copy them exactly! If it's my old school friends it tends to be quite sophisticated, if it's to the rock bar then a bit more rock n roll, I like long shirts with leggings underneath, and skirts, and skinny jeans,... feck it I just wear whatever I feel like, out of the clean clothes pile in my room! And damnit I look good

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    I don't think I follow a particular style, I tend to mix and match a lot so some days I might be dressed in a lot of black or in an old band T-shirt from my teens and look a bit goth, other days I might wear super-flared jeans and tie-dye tops and look like a hippy, other days, particularly if I have work, I dress very conservatively in sensible shoes, trousers and a plain top. At the moment I am going through a phase of wearing woollen dresses over jeans as jumpers, I don't know what style that would fall into. But mostly I just wear whatever clothes are clean, I don't spend much time thinking about what I'm going to wear unless I'm going somewhere special (or sometimes work if I need to make a good impression) and none of the clothes in my wardrobe follow a particular style - it's all very ecelectic.

    I don't tend to wear much jewellery unless I'm going out for dinner, but I have a collection of festival wristbands and other bits of string/ribbon that mean something (eg: ribbon from a special gift) tied around my left wrist - I always make a wish when I put them on, and the wives tale goes that if you wait until they fall off it will come true, so I never remove them. I also always wear a shell-necklace a friend made me, and again never take it off (although I don't think that one has a wish attached to it.)

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    My style normally consists of whatever was on my bedroom floor. :P

    Seriously though, I tend to take a bit from punk, a bit from the headbangers/rockers and throw in some personal touches too.
    most days its a gig shirt (be it Edguy, Muse, Foo fighters, greenday etc) a pair of torn designer jeans(either because they came torn or have gotten torn) and a pair of black low top sneakers with luminous orange laces.

    If its a special occasion it'd be my best jeans, a shirt with tiger motif or checkered shirt tee shirt thing (the t shirt is sewn in to the front) and if Im gaying it up or going to a furmeet a blue tribal design neck scarf and the orange lace sneakers.

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    I tend to dress scruffy most of the time, usually a kind of skater style, especially with my trainers. Don't really have much of a style through, too lazy for that :P

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