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Thread: when going 24/7... when and where?

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    Default when going 24/7... when and where?

    I basically want to know from those who are 24/7 with your diaper... thoughts on when and where you pee or poo. In your car, class, work, etc...

    Also do you get multiple use out of the diaper or do you change after first sign of wetness?

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    i wear 24/7 by choice right now. i try not do do anything while im at work but when im out and doin stuff, i usually carry extra supplies so i dont have to worry about changing out of a poopy diaper, tho i rarely do this in public and it has happend a few times where i didnt have extra stuff with me and that sucks, i try not to ride the bus in a messy diaper. i also try not to mess when im out with my friends. i get the most use from diapers for wetting, since i wear mostly abena x plus i usually get multiple wettings out of it. i wet while im riding in a car or out with friends at the movies or walkin around town or on the bus or in a store.

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    When I did 24/7, when I did go #1, it was basically anywhere. #2 however, was a issue, I made sure I was somewhere near a restroom for a changing. Since I wear cheapo CVS diapers for now, I change after I do a #2, not really worth it changing after I do a #1. CVS nappies only last for one wetting, weak.

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    I wear 24/7 out of choice, and I wet at work, home, walking, whatever. Any time I have to go. I #2 anytime I am at a place where I can change quickly and have wipes with me.

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    What happens if you dont can hold number 2 in to you come to a safe place to change?

    How it it to change a diaper at work?

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    I've heard almost exclusively that messing means a long, tedious clean up. Wouldn't this make it tough for public restrooms?

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    Quote Originally Posted by N64Player View Post
    I've heard almost exclusively that messing means a long, tedious clean up. Wouldn't this make it tough for public restrooms?
    Not really, as long as you don't sit around in your poopy diaper long and don't squish your poop everywhere, then clean up is pretty simple. Wet wipes help dramatically and make clean up pretty easy.

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    When I wore 24/7 by choice and I needed to pee I would just pee no matter where I was or who I was around, and I used to select when and where I would do a #2 in my diaper.
    After doing this for a year or so and everyone who knew me knew that I wore diapers and used them also I decided that I no longer needed to control when I did a #2 in my diaper and started going when ever I go the need to go.
    Well after a few years of just going when the slitest need arised no matter where I was I found that I had a very hard time controling my self from going #2 or #1 in my diaper.
    So my plan had worked, I now needed to wear diapers just tokeep my pants dry and clean and I was enjoying this to its fullest.

    I lived this way for the better part of 20 years, wetting and messing my diaper without control, it was not until I decided that I actually wanted a social life that I decided that I needed to give up the diapers.
    Easyer said than done, as I now need to re-potty train myself and it aint been easy.
    I find that when I get the feeling to do a #2 I need to find a bathroom real soon or I will be messing my pants, I also find myself needing to find a restroom every hour or so just to empty my bladder or I start to leak and once I start to leak it dont stop until my underwear is soaked.

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    I did wear 24/7 a few times, but whenever I'm out I still feel a bit paranoid about wetting [ It may leak etc etc]
    So far, even if I'm not wearing 24/7, I still don't use my diaper for #2. I've tried it before, and it's just not my cup of tea.

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    I've been 24/7 for a month, but I only ever poo it in the house, outside is too much work. I pee in it pretty much anywhere but never go more than once in one diaper.

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