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Thread: Hello, everyone :)

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    Default Hello, everyone :)

    Hi, how is everyone today? Well, let's see...I'm a 20 year old college student going to school here in Erie, PA and I suppose I've always been somewhat in the ABDL scene...I like roleplaying a lot and have been doing cosplay since I was 4. A lot of my roles ended up being of babies, little girls, and even the occasional forced infantilism victim. As I continued, I found that I really enjoy the baby role...hence I became an AB. I really enjoy diapers, bottles, pacis, and the like, and they really give off an 'everything's ok' state of being.
    That aside, I'm working toward a Bachelor's degree in my third year. I enjoy traveling, cosplay, video games...I enjoy a lot, so why not ask me? I'm horrible at these summary things...

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    Hello BabyRaimuneko, welcome to ADISC, what kind of video game's do you play?

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    Hey, Hakukit
    My favorite video games fall under the categories of Sonic, Mario, and Kirby. Love them all

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    Hey, welcome to ADISC! Good intro, well played!

    We aren't going to just ask you questions though I'm afraid. Lots of people join this site every day and the ones who get on well are the ones who make good intros, we don't want to have to do the work!!

    Here is a wee linky to get you started though:

    How to make a good first impression!

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    Haha, sorry...shouldn't have asked, lol.
    And of course, I'm open for RP BabyAshley.

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    Curiosity, what are you majoring in?

    And being the weird person that like back stories into names and such xD, why did you chose your username to be as it is?

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    Ahh, well I'm majoring in Psychology, lol.
    And as for Raimuneko...she is one of my favorite RP characters to play. There is a LONG backstory with her, but the short version is she is a girl who is babied by her extremely overprotective (and powerful) father. She is usually portrayed as a literal baby or as a babied teenager. I created a version of her for the Sonic universe, a young lynx girl, and she is seen on my avatar.

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    Psychology eh? So you are going to use mind control powers to take us all over :O :P kidding. if it isn't asking too much, what is your minor?

    Ahh interesting, could be interesting tohear the full backstory sometime.

    Last question for this post (I swear, too curious xD), since you like travel, what is your favorite place that you have visited?

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    Meh...I don't currently have a minor, though I would like a concentration in cultural studies, XD. And sure, I wouldn't mind telling you the backstory sometime...sometime being when I'm not too tired to do so, lol.
    My favorite places are definately Costa Rica and Los Angeles (I don't know if that counts, as I've lived there for a good chunk of my life, lol)

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