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Thread: Girlfriend question

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    Smile Girlfriend question

    Hey everyone. just had a question.

    ive told my girlfriend about my infantilism and she is very very accepting of it. she lets me weararound her and even when we go to bed she doesnt mind me wearing just my diapers.

    she wont however indulge in any role playing or trea me as an adult baby. i wish she would be willing to do this too occasionally. any ideas on how to get there??
    thanks in advance

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    To be realistic, she probably won't ever do role-playing, but maybe if you give your relationship time, MAYBE she might change her mind and indulge a little. But chances are she won't, hope this helps you.

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    Just give it time. If you feel like it get regressed in the middle of the night and cuddle with her. Then slip out the mommy thing once in a blue moon or something. Then just talk to her and ask her if she can..... Tell her how much it would mean to you... XD I had the opposite I made my mommy my GF! XD.

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    don't push her into the role playing.
    maybe in time she might want to baybe you at some point but don't pressyour luck.

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    NO! Don't!

    If she's not confortable with it then just leave it at that! If she's accepting enough to let you wear around her then you should be damned well greatful for it since most people here aren't anywhere near that situation!

    You should never EVER push someone to partake in your fetish. If it's a deal breaker for you in a relationship for her to partake then this isn't the right relationship for you.

    You need to sit down and talk to her and tell her you would like this. Ask her if there's something you can do for her in return, or if she'll ever come round to the idea, and if the answer is no to both then you need to just leave it.

    Pushing it on her is just selfish and rude!

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    +1 for Talula's post.

    Your girlfriend is being very understanding by letting you wear around her. If it was me, I'd be freaked out. You should communicate with her about the way you feel, but if she's not comfortable treating you like a baby, then she's not comfortable. No means no.

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    There is no way to force a person to do this. If she says no then no amount of prodding and poking will change her mind, she may change her mind in the future (that is by no means a guarantee) but she will make her own mind up on this. Forcing it upon her will only drive her further away.

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    I've been married to my wife for eighteen years, and she has known about my bladder trouble/incontinence since we first started dating. She was never bothered by me wearing diapers around her, out in public, etc., she would even go to the store to buy them for me as needed (though I now order online).

    It has only been in the last couple years that she has been more open and willing to me regressing and being a 'baby' sometimes around her. She'll cuddle me, diaper me, and give me a bottle of warm milk at bedtime on occasion. At the same time, I make sure she is fully pleasured and satisfied as she desires, I will do anything for her she wants. She still has a few things that she does not like to do (talk to me as a baby or call me a 'baby' or anything), but it is one that as we have grown older together we have discovered more and more of our total sexual nature with each other.

    Don't push it--you'll regret it if you do.

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    Yah man, I finally talked to my girl a few months ago about it, and she doesn't like changing me when I'm wet, though she doesn't mind diapering me for the first time in the night. I'm a switch, and she'll wear for me and let me baby her, but she doesn't wet. She knows id like her to, and maybe in time she will, but I feel blessed to have the wonderful girl I do

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    Like others have said, the best thing to do is not to push it.

    However if you really wanted to, you could try to figure out what her fetishes are or if she's into anything kinky (if you're really that desperate, trick her into revealing it). Then you can do some sort of trade-off. One night together you'll do whatever you want, and another night it'll be up to her.

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