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Thread: Piercings: Love 'em, hate 'em, have 'em?

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    Default Piercings: Love 'em, hate 'em, have 'em?

    Just wondering, really. I want to get a septum piercing in the future, perhaps (and this is a big perhaps) gauge my ears out a little bit. What do you guys think of piercings in general? And if you have piercings, would you do it again or do you regret it?

    I'm planning on being a teacher, but the nice thing with septum piercings is that they can be concealed by flipping them up into the nose or just replacing them with a retainer until you can wear a ring again. Easier to conceal than a tattoo, I think. ;D

    The piercings I don't like, though, are tongue piercings. I don't like the way people play with them and I hate the sound of them clacking against teeth. D: I had a coworker that would constantly stick her tongue out and push the barbell up and down. Grossed me out, and I'm sure it grossed out some of our customers (we worked in food).

    Anyway, what are your thoughts?

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    I don't love them or hate them, but more often than not they're in places that make me squirm, like on the tongue or the eyebrow. I get used to seeing it, but I would never get one, myself.

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    Well i think there fine if you keep them simple. The ones you get on your tounge seem like the would get in your way, the ones in your nose seem uncomfortable, and the ones that look like bolts in your head are just creapy. Simply put, there fine if you keep where they are simple.

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    I have a belly button piercing and my gf loves to play with it. I'm mostly cool with piercings, though I wonder how some people make it through metal detectors...

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    I have my tongue pierced and it's one of the better things I've done in my life! It wasn't sore, and it didn't swell up much, it's easy to hide or show off depening on who I'm with, and it looks cool. I've also got my nipple pierced, and both my lobes.

    I want to get another piercing (I'm addicted to the adrenalin high!) but I want somewhere that isn't too visible!

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    I hate piercings. To be honest I think they look ugly. And no I would never get any.

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    I think that piercings look neato in many cases, but I don't quite know if i'd be willing to have a piece of metal constantly sticking through my flesh... Oddly enough, the idea of a tattoo(which is arguably more painful to get and more permanent) doesn't phase me at all, and even interests me.

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    I had an eyebrow ring for about a month. That's when I discovered that I'm allergic to prolonged exposure to certain metals. It caused an infection and I was forced to remove it by my doctor. I call that month a very interesting social experiment. The entire time random people would come up to me and just start talking because of it. Old people, young people, moms, it was really strange. I'm a very shy and quiet person and this was totally different from anything I'd experienced during all the rest of my life. Not bad, not good, just very different.

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    I hate em. Ears are OK and navels are the worst. I hate getting jewelry in my mouth when kissing a girl from the top down.

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    I'm sort of like Point Blanch, the usual ones don't bother me, but some in the more erotic or oral places make me a little uncomfortable. I've heard psychiatrists write about it, saying that extreme piercings are on the same order as self abuse like cutting. It makes one think, though cutting is a continuing act of mutilation accompanied by pain and bleeding, where the pain of piercing stops in a week or two. I'm not sure they compare, but then, I'm not a psychiatrist.

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