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Thread: "After Innocence" - must-see documentary

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    Default "After Innocence" - must-see documentary

    I recently watched After Innocence, which is a documentary that sums up many of the reasons why I despise the American legal system.

    It is a documentary about innocent people who were placed into American prisons (often by people who knew they were innocent), and now have to carry the stigma around with them (a stigma that they do not deserve) for the rest of their lives even after they were released. In fact, sometimes people who actually do the crime are better off than these folks are, ironically enough.

    I had no faith in American law before I watched this film - now I have even less. Heh.

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    Butterfly Mage


    No arguments there. I work in the criminal justice system. I knew it was flawed and dirty before I got the job, but I know from experience that it is catastrophically broken beyond all recognition.

    -- Drug *users* get more jail time than drug *dealers*
    -- A DUI conviction can get more jail time than a murder conviction.
    -- People charged with non-violent offenses get saddled with $50,000 bails because the judge or commissioner is in a bad mood that day.
    -- Judges don't read court reports, and so they extend the recognizance of dangerous individuals.
    -- Judges routinely suspend the sentences of repeat, violent offenders.
    -- Cops don't show up to testify, so violent offenders get off the hook.
    -- Cops routinely arrest passers-by on tangential "evidence", just to fulfill arrest quotas.
    -- It costs $35 for an individual found "not guilty", "NP", or "STET" to have the record of the arrest expunged (even when it's a completely bogus arrest on a completely bogus charge).
    -- People who have a demonstrated history of non-compliance with community supervision keep getting put back into the parole/probation system. Then they re-offend and get a slap on the wrist.

    In short, people convicted of petty charges do more time than violent predators. People who are completely unwilling to live peacefully in society are given probation. People languish in jail for weeks or months under high bail requirements -- only to be found innocent (meanwhile, they've lost their jobs and homes.)

    Yeah,the American justice system has a lot more "system" than "justice".

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