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Thread: Hello Everyone :D

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    Default Hello Everyone :D

    I'm male and in my 20's and from the uk. I'm not sure what else I want to put about self just yet!

    My interest in regards to:

    AB - I have sampled being AB it is a lot of fun, however I'm not strongly pulled to that area (esp with others).

    TB - I have TB friends who are a lot of fun, I was never TB (practicing) however I had thoughts when I was that age, I also have a number of AB friends whom I know mostly from a UK BDSM community

    DL - I think is is where I sit the most comfortably within the classifications here.

    what else would you like to know ?

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    Cool, but what about your interests outside of diapers? like do you play any sports, have any hobbies or stuff like that?

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    Heya, I'm interested in media production, mostly Television production from the technical side of things.. as a hobby I like Photograhy, and watching movies

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    lol, different grint sorry *he's would make a cute ginger baby tho*

    I don't produce anything that's been seen yet, very much learning atm, but hoping to go into television.

    snaps that's good to hear, sounds like a lot of shared interest

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