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Thread: New here, just saying hi

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    Default New here, just saying hi

    I literally just copied this from the "Introduction Help," page, because I am really nervous and wasn't sure what to talk about. So here it goes.

    Hobbies And Interests:
    I currently race BMX bikes, plan on starting to race Motocross, I draw and paint, play video games, chat with friends, and am a really big nerd, I.E. Warhammer 40k and WoW, but not addicted, so at least I have that =3

    If you want to know anything else, feel free to ask!

    How Is Your Life:
    Nothing really interesting has happened, I have been out practicing on my bike for racing, playing a little WoW with my uncle, trying to fix my X-Box 360, and starting school.

    How You Found This Site:
    I was really just floating around the great source of information known as the internet, and I happened upon this site. Being curious about it, I came in and started looking around before finally coming in. This isn't something new to me, I have wondered about this things for probably around 2 years now, but never delved into it.

    What Brings You To The Site:
    I have been curious about age play, wearing diapers, and stuff like that, but never really had the time or courage to seek out other people that shared my curiosity. I would say if I am AB, DL, or one of those others, but frankly, I have no idea what they mean XD.

    Also, there are some other things I am into, such as light BDSM, mainly just a little tying up, mainly me being the one tied up, but either way. Nothing too extreme though, no hard whipping or beating anything like that.

    Now onto the whole reason for this whole forum. I have been curious about it, and wanted to try, but not sure how to tell someone. Personally, I don't think I would like to wear the diaper, but changing someone is something that intrigues me. The reason why I have never brought it up with anyone personally is because, I am the shiest person you will probably ever meet. Not once I get to know the person well, but up until that point, I am very shy. I have had a few partners, but they never turned out well, but that isn't really important at this point =P.

    I have just never known how I would bring it up to a girlfriend or a lover that I am into changing/wearing diapers. Especially if they aren't into it because that would make me feel even more weird.

    Just thought I should bring that up, to ask for advice and find some people to chat with that I can be open about myself with =D

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    Welcome to ADISC, JebLeroyR! This is an excellent intro, and you were absolutely right to copy out the topics from the "How to make a good intro" thread.

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    Hi jebLeroyR, and welcome to ADISC :-) That's a great intro you've written - I don't think we share many of the same interests (although I too love to draw and paint) but I think you will find many on here who like similar things to you.

    If you are looking for advice and suggestions for introducing partners to the idea of this fetish then you have certainly come to a good place - the Wiki (ADISC Wiki ) has loads of good information on it about being an AB (Adult Baby) or a DL (Diaper Lover) and so I suggest giving it a read. Outside of the wiki the forums are full of really interesting topics, both those related to diapers and those completely off-topic, so I'm sure you'll have no problem finding people to chat to that you can be open about yourself with :-)

    See you around the forums! :-)

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    Hey, welcome to the site! : 3

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on my profile page, k?

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    Dang, best intro thread i've seen in a while....10 points for grifendore! Ha ha, back on subject. Welcome to ADISC!I hope you find what your looking for!

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    Thank you guys for replying, I can't wait to meet some more people in here and chat and get to know everyone, you all seem so nice. I would love to chat more so if any of you ever see me in the forums feel free to talk with me =)

    And thank you all for your support, both of my introduction and just of me, it is good to have someone, or in this case, a group of people that I can go to if I ever need help and I am glad I finally found this site =3

    Babyjess, thank you for showing me to the Adisc Wiki, I have been browsing through that, and also for helping me learn what AB, DL, and such meant =3

    HelpPlz1996, thank you for the offer, I will make sure to come to you if I ever need an answer to a question that I can't find on the wiki or in an existing forum =)

    I am gonna go look through the forums now and find some people to chat with. Hopefully I will see you all around and get to know you a little better =D

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    Hello there! I'm Scritcher, or Syd. It's nice to meet you, and welcome aboard!
    I see that we have a few interests in common, such as drawing, playing video games, and chatting. I like to doodle cartoon things, but I'm trying to draw from life more. As for video games, I like to play games on Sony and Nintendo systems. What about you? :3

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    Nice to meet you as well Kam, I love your avatar by the way, I am a big fan of Wolves.

    And hey Syd, nice to meet you as well. I draw life like, I plan on being a game artist and designer, so I have also been using photoshop and things like that, but am not good at them yet. Right now I have an original XBox since my 360 is broken and I can't fix it, I think I might just have to buy a new one.

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    That's pretty awesome! My little brother wants to work in the video game field as well. As for me, I want to work in cartooning one day.
    I don't own any of the XBOX systems, but I do want to get one to play the Fable series one day.

    Oh, by the way, should I call you Jeb or Leroy?

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