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Thread: Since I haven't posted recently....Diapers at the food bank

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    Default Since I haven't posted recently....Diapers at the food bank

    There I was at the foodbank w/ Job Corp, thinking like last time I was there I'd be packing sack lunches for kids. Little did I know we'd be doing salvage...Sorting and packing items into boxes. Much to my dismay and yet strange fascination, I unloaded pallet after pallet of diaper related items, mostly baby diapers. But when one girls and one boy pack of small goodnights came though, I couldn't help but be annoyed and fascinated at the same time.

    Anyone have a similiar experience?

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    My mom worked for the place organizing pallets for all of the food banks along the southern coast area of Oregon. Every friday she would get 50,000 pounds of stuff that had to be unwrapped from pallets then packaged into boxes. Food banks and churches, Indian groups, etc then picked them up and gave it away as needed in their own areas. It seemed like a hectic job and it was. She had to plan it all out and still help unload/pack/load.

    However, there was a inmate work program that really helped out. I was there for both male and female inmate rotations and both groups were highly respectful even to me. Despite me being like 18, 19 or 20.

    Anyways the last time I helped her, they had a few case or bags of diapers and other general baby stuff. since then, my mom quit that place since she didn't feel valued and I guess the pay wasn't worth it to her.

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