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Thread: Names you have picked for your (future) children.

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    Default Names you have picked for your (future) children.

    So what names do you like for your kids? Whether you have children already, or not. The Stupid Kids Name got me thinking, haha.

    I like the names Matilda, and Madeline for girls (Tilly and Maddy). I've always liked them. They're both a bit old fashioned, but I still like 'em. :P As for boy names, I like Blake.

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    Hmmm, prolly Asher for a boy (heard that for the first time in The Giver lol like 6 yrs ago) and Emma for a girl.

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    Really not sure, I kind of like Catherine a bit for a girl (after Catherine the Great), but not really sold on it. Biggest thing is I want to find a name with actual meaning, something historical or something to do with family, etc.

    For a boy, I do like the name Andrei, as well as Emiliano. When it comes to finding names (for like game purposes and stuff) there is an awesome site you can get random generated names from different backgrounds (like Celtic, English, Swedish, Russian, etc. etc.) and find out the meaning of those names

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    For a girl I like the names Amy, Hollie and Jade; named after some friends of mine. Haven't though of any if they are boys.

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    For girls I like the names Lilliah, Tallulah and Isabelle. For boys I like the names Luca, Noah and Theo. But my favourite names change fairly frequently, and I often completely turn around my opinion of names so I end up disliking names I previously loved so I'm not sure if I would use any of those names for my children. My babies will probably be those who aren't named until they're 2-3 weeks old because I just know I am going to have so much trouble picking out names for them.

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    Pretty sure Odin is my number one choice, but I may be expecting my child to never age past ten... because eventually Odin becomes a pathetic name for an adult.

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    I'll never be able to have kids for reasons which I can't go into; this saddens me a lot. Although If I could have kids I would be thinking of maybe the name name Oscar if I had a son and maybe Lily if I had a daughter.

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    Only name I've ever considered is Douglas, after my grandfather, but I really don't think it matters what I think now, because when I see the kid the name is either going to "fit" or it won't. If the kid doesn't look like a name I like, then there's no point in naming them that. My parents did that with one of my brothers and they ended up changing the name after his first year because it didn't "fit".

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    I'm not sure why I chose the names, I just feel like they're "right". Waylon or Damien for a boy, and Mariah for a girl.

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