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Thread: Interest in stuff from way back when

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    Default Interest in stuff from way back when

    Any on intresting in old stuff like old tools, skeleton keys, so on? I just bought a old brass bottle opener. It only cost me $0.50. I like a lot of the old thing like the cars, the guns, and I have allways wanted a typewriter but never had the ink ribbon to use it with. And I mean the ones that don't use electricity. Those one are very heavy and hard to carry around.

    But what I asking is do you guys like old things wether it be toys, bottles, clothing, or anything else that isn't made anymore?

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    I don't know why but I've always liked those giant cell phones that were around in the 80s (the ones that looked like this).

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    There is this very very old microscope that I saved from being thrown away that I have.

    Looks like this: Google Image Result for

    I also have a glass beaker just for a cool sciency theme for my room.

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    Ah, nostalgia! I enjoy the "rusty gold" and Americana! They are pieces of the past that the modern crowd does not appreciate, and they would probably be forgotten if there weren't enthusiasts rescuing, restoring, and preserving these items for future generations.

    I grew up around my grandfather, and he took my brother and I to steam, gas engine, and threshing shows every summer. Maytag engines (Most people don't know that Maytag washing machines were once operated by gasoline engines!), antique glass Dazey butter churns, steel pedal cars, and oil cans were among the items we exhibited and would see others with all the time. He also collected old tin toys, Big Bang Cannons, and Jensen Steam Engine models. He would also take me to auctions with him, and he referred to me as his "auction buddy" to the regulars at the auction houses because I liked all the old stuff. He is 78 now, and is starting to become a bit less mobile, so I help him during the weekdays. He is still buying stuff at auctions, but I no longer go with him most of the time; just about every time I'm over at his house, he has another thing to show me that he got at last night's auction. I still enjoy seeing these things today.

    But besides that, I have a collection of shopping bags from defunct retail stores I remember from when I was little, and I also like older manuals and advertisements for all sorts of items from the past.

    Nostalgia comes in many forms, and you can be nostalgic at any age. Most of the things I get nostalgic about are from before I was born! My grandfather taught me to never underestimate the "power of nostalgia!"
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    I have a Mesa Boogie V-Twin Guitar pedal.

    I believe it"s been discontinued because Harley Davidson sued Mesa for the name V-Twin, and because the logo on the pedal is pretty similar to this:

    Besides that, most all of my stuff is pretty new...

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    I have a collection of victorian sixpences. I have some silver crowns as well. I just came by an old brass compass used in draughting. I have a cigar post card from 1901. A collection of very old bottles. Some soap on a rope from the 70's still in it's box. A World War 1 officers brass fountain pen and pencil combinationation. A book on Celtic Iconongraphy that is hard to find. I have a lot of stuff laying around.

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