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    Well, i'm 38 straight, got into pissing my pant about 6 years ago when i accidentally stumbled across a site with grown up women wetting their pants. really excited me, then i thought i'd try it cause i new my wife at the time wouldn't try it for me. so i did, so arousing, oh so stress releasing. but i soon wanted to be able to do it and not be known. i stumbled on to wetset and started looking at girls in diapers, oh so very hot, but again something my wife would never do for me. so i did, i bought my first adult diapers and put one on. what a rush, the padding around butt and the thick padding between my legs and encasing all my genital parts sent me into a bliss. and when i wet myself in my diapers, i felt no stress and really like a kid again, i was hooked....

    Over the the years it has also become very sexual. the hornier i am the more i want to be wrapped up in one. i sleep in them often, i work in them and go out in them often too.

    I like the feeling of helplessness from a catheter, and the sudden feeling of soaked pants or diapers because of it. some times i do #2 as well. clean up kinda sucks, but does it feel sooooo good.

    I spent a lot of money in the past on disposables, so i invested in some and have been doing cloth and plastic pants for some time now. love to layer them on thick... love to walk around late at nite with a tee shirt and a big bulky butt while i watch tv and later climb into bed to sleep feeling like a baby again. I like to pleasure myself in them or thinking about them, or preferably a girlfriend or SO in them with me. I did have a girlfriend who did it with me for 7 months, and we had a ball in them together. but, that relationship is over now, and i'm always looking for another.

    I'm in a diaper as i type right now. I also am wearing a hollow butt plug in them. new toys i have developed in my machine shop, to again feel the helplessness but to have to wear diapers because i mess myself uncontrollably.

    thats all for now...


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    You joined in June 2009, and over a year later you still don't have a clue what sort of site this is? In over a year since you joined, you've never read the rules, or anybody else's introductions? In over a year, you've never read any of the stickies in this forum?

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    Please, tell me more... (but seriously, please don't).

    I think you should delete the contents of this intro thread, and try again... Perhaps after reading the sticky on

    Additionally, I recommend you read this: and re-evaluate whether or not this is the place you're looking for.

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    You're getting some good advice and criticism relative to the community from the posters above. Nothing you've said in your intro is a violation of our rules but it's not the sort of intro post we're hoping for. We expect that members here are into diapers and a lot of us get off on it sexually but it's a bit much from someone you've only met. I think you'd do well to take another crack at your introduction but it's your call.

    Welcome to the site and I hope after a little settling in you'll get the hang of the place and it will be a better fit.

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    heya dude

    I'm new also, I'd say welcome aboard, but I'm not liked either :P ..::rules man rules::..

    I like your honesty, you get off on being padded, you know what you like and your not afraid to go after it, I find the problem is, this "fetish" is so far flung, between the very sexual kinky openminded types, and the very vanilla asexual types, that people rub each other the wrong way

    seems that with the ages also, you get that 13 - 25 crowd, and then a much much older 40 - 60 crowd which you are moving towards... saying that however, I just made an only friend 10 years my jr who messaged me what he had done, what he liked, and what he wanted to do, and it shocked me, !!

    so age, and experiance, are maybe not as linked as we thinK, i HOPE you find the SUPPORT you need here, to talk about YOUR EXPERIANCE of this THING

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