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Thread: Anyone play EVE Online?

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    Default Anyone play EVE Online?

    Just curious, but does anyone on the forum play EVE Online?

    And if you do play...

    I'm just starting out, so help with missions would be amazing! I'm saving for a decent ship to mine in low-sec. Every time we complete a mission, I'll split it 50-50. The Protection of more established players from pirates would be of great help. This can get very lucrative if anyone is interested.

    PM me if want to share your username but have it remain private.


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    I do, and I know a few others around here do as well.

    Oh, and mining in lowsec is a recipe for getting ganked really fast. Just grind twards a hulk and strip mine belts in hisec. Or, be like me, give the middle finger to mining, and dedicate yourself to combat. Its much more fun blowing things up than sitting there for hours mining Internet rocks in your Internet Spaceship.

    Anyway, PM me if you want any assistance or need advice. Eve can be a daunting game for new people, and there are lots of very painful lessons to learn. PM me and I'll help you learn them before you learn them from gankers (and much less painfully too!).

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    I don't play anymore, but I remember my corps (made up of RL friends) first and only foray into losec. We had two BBs covering a strip miner and a barge. All of the sudden, the work ships got warp scrambled and the BBs got target jammed. We did what we could with drones, but eventually had to warp out to save the battleships. At least no one got pod killed.

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    Lowsec mining is a certain way to get popped. Mining ops are what pirates love to gank. The only thing lowsec is good for is lvl 5 missions and pvp for those who don't want to join a nullsec alliance.

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    tried it once, got bored, never touched it again. WAY too much time spent simply looking for something to do, rather than doing it.

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    Honestly, EVE is alot like life, much more so than any other mainstream MMO. No one is going to hold your hand, and there are penalties for failure. It is a dog eat dog, cutthroat world where untold riches can be made.

    It also has teh b00bz.

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    Pirate in eve here. Please, go ahead and mine in low sec, feel free to tell me the time and location you will be mining.

    Seriously, though. Unless you have a strong corp or 6months+ gametime (for skills, and understanding) you will get killed in anything under .5 pretty darn fast. If you have someone guide you through low sec life, it can be great fun. The trick is to find a low sec low populated space, meet the locals and find friends. You'll be surprised to find out how different low sec (and null sec even more) is to empire space. In low sec/null sec everyone knows just about everyone and there are clear alliances and rivalries. In empire space everybody is a nobody till you are at war.

    But, when you finally do graduate to low/null sec with a strong corp you will never look back. The game suddenly becomes an adrenaline rush of near death experiences that will leave you cheering at the top of your lungs or bawwwing your eyes out depending on the outcome of battles. There is nothing more satisfying than winning in PvP when the numbers/skill is even or close.

    One day you might make it in to the ranks of a nice pirate corp, and throw your carebear ways out the door, or maybe join a huge alliance and mine under the protection of lines of defense, amazing intel and teamwork.

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    Seriously, though, you need to go post an introduction in the "Introductions/Greeting Forum". It's like doing the noob mission. It's boring, but you get something of value from it.

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