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Thread: Have you ever seen someone buying a pack of diapers in a store?

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    Default Have you ever seen someone buying a pack of diapers in a store?

    I got to see people buying teen or adult diapers only 4 times in my life.
    Once in Asda, a family of four staring at the drynites packs for one of their kids (I suppose, the 10-ish year old girl didn't seem to be bothered at all while the 7-8 year old boy was all blushing).
    More recently, not far from Clapham Junction a lady in her 40s was walking down the street with a pack of Lille adult nappies.

    Many stores now display as many drynites packs as the other baby sizes, they must be selling a lot of them (well, at least that'd seem logical to me, they wouldn't stock that many of them otherwise). How come I have seen thousands of people buying baby nappies, and it happened to me only once to see a family buying drynites for their kids?

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    Probably because the majority of people who need diapers are actually babies, therefore there's a significantly higher chance of you seeing people buying baby diapers.

    I used to work in a cash & carry and they used to sell adult diapers, but I'd never seen anybody buy them. Then, one day, a customer came to the checkout with his trolley stacked high with about 50 packs of them, and of course I had to serve him!

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    ive seen a few older people buy depends and some parents buy goodnites, when i was at work

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    I've never seen anyone buy drynites but I remember walking into a shop in a little village and noticing that there was a lot of the girls drynites there and then later in the day they were all gone.

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    when i was shopping in morrisons a while ago i saw a kid with his mom buying goodnights

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    Since 1981 I have seen countless people buying adult diapers in stores. During my under grad pre-law years at university I bought my Attends at the campus General Store. A lot of my fellow students also bought Attends. Buying those did not embarrass me and did not appear to embarrass anyone else.

    At law school a store across the street from my dorm building stocked all sizes of Attends from 1985 to 1988. Not only did I see friends buying the adult sizes, the wife of one of my professors bought Attends Junior, which were between a current Size 6 and Size 7, when the largest Pampers were smaller than current Size 5. I assume that couple had an incontinent child or small teen. The woman was large enough she would have worn Attends Medium and the professor Attends Large.

    Sometimes I see another customer checking out of a supermarket or Target with bags of adult diapers. I pay no attention to people buying baby/toddler disposables. In those same stores I buy cartons of Pampers Cruisers and as far as I know nobody pays attention to me. By now they would probably assume I am the grandmother. I hope they think I am a very young grandmother!!!

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    I was in Sainsburys once buying a cheap pack of nappies to use as stuffers. They didn't have self-checkout at that time so I had to use a normal checkout. The person in front of me had a pack of girls' Drynites, some tights, and some Star Wars pasta shapes. I'd say he was about 15 - 19, it was hard to tell. I gave him a quick smile and he gave me an awkward smile back.

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    I have seen a few older adults by diapers but not many adults of younger ages buying them. When I buy them myself, I get mixed responses. Some check out workers don't bat an eye. Others look at me strangely. Although I buy diapers in stores, I am aware that I feel a little self conscious about it. I notice that I rotate my purchases around to different stores so that it is less conspicuous, and I try not to buy in my neighborhood places that I shop at regularly for other things. Fortunately, I live in an area where there are many towns and cities so I have the luxury of spreading out my purchases. Maybe some day I will get to a point where I am not so self conscious about buying them.

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    I've seen people purchasing depends at giant eagle and meijer. I've also seen a girl who appeared to be 16-18 buying goodnites. Of course I've seen people buy baby diapers, but I pay these people no attention.

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    I work at a drug store so I see people buy them all the time.

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