If you don't already have anti-malware software, such as Malwarebytes or Superantispyware installed, then you should install some, and run a scan.

I suggest this because, over roughly the last day, someone attempted to spread malware via ADISC.
To do this, they exploited a previously unheard-of vulnerability in some well known commercial software that many sites (including ADISC) use.
This vulnurability was announced only a few hours ago.
I've already put a stop to the spread, and nobody appears to have actually suffered any harm as a result of it.
Still, I want to be really sure that all of our members are safe.

I encourage everyone to install, and use, anti-malware software.
Sometimes they detect things that are both normal and quite harmless (like "tracking cookies").
Sometimes, though, they can really save you by detecting harmful things.
So I encourage everyone to use them.