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Thread: Handicaps?

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    I wondered how many of you might have some sort of handicap, I have neurological disorders mainly benign tremors, it causes my hands to shake and is a progressive disorder, I do fine as long as I take plenty of meds but one day the meds will no longer help, and I wonder if I'll be able to still diaper myself, there are days when buttoning a shirt, writing, feeding myself, can be challenging, not looking for sympathy or advice, just wanted to see if other people have a hard time changing themselves or are faced with the possibility in the future.

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    I'm legally blind. I only have 5% vision in my right eye. I haven't gotten the chance to ever get real diapers because I can't see well enough to go to the store by myself and can't order online cause I still live with my parents.

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    - moved to Mature Topics - this not exactly an AB topic

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    Being clolorblind count at all? I read by the time I hit 30 I might not see yellow anymore.

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    Ceriberal Palsy. I can trace my diaper fetish to self contained special ed classrooms when I was six.

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    Like Ajax, I have Cerebral Palsy. I have hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy, which means it effects the left side of my body, but not the right side.

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    Retarded in English. :/

    Like really D: I'm bad at it >.> Horrid, It's my worst.


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    Learning difficulties
    Vision problems (I don't consider that a real impairment since glasses solve the problem)

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    I have a anxiety disorder, and mild OCD. I always have a IEP in english in math because of learning disabilities.

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