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Thread: what things should my daddy do to me(baby)?

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    Default what things should my daddy do to me(baby)?

    what things should my daddy do when im with him.

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    I don't know... what things should he do?

    Surly you've got an idea of what you want to do, what games/toys you want, stuff for meals, bathtimes, and bed times all figured out right? Talk to him, and find out what he wants to do to you, and mix them up. Theres no check list for this kinda thing. its all down to the people involved. So talk, and come up with your own plan .

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    Hey, you might want to introduce yourself in the introductory section first...

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    Depends on what you are into. Do you want him to feed you baby food or a bottle of formula? Would you feel comfortable with him changing your diaper or giving you a bath? It really depends on you and no one can tell you what you should let him do. That is totally between the two of you.

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    One of my favourite things to do with my AB friend is to cradle her like a real baby. It took a bit of figuring out but what we do is I sit on the couch near the arm with a bunch of pillows leaned up against it. I spread my legs and she sits between them perpendicular to me. Then I can slip one arm under her neck and ease her back against all the pillows. My other arm is free to feed her a bottle or go under her knees. She likes it and when we switched places I found it very enjoyable.

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    He should slap your bottom and tell you not to join a forum without properly introducing yourself. Once you're able to sit again, he ought to direct you here: , where you will post a proper introduction like all the other little naughty babies!


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    well thanks for the advise. i have talk him about baby food and formula but i have tell him that i dont want that i would like better chocolate milk insted of baby formula and baby food but thanks. i really would like to daddy change my diaper and bath me he agree to do that.

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    he should teach you how to crawl, and unteach you how to walk

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    Quote Originally Posted by littlebaby17 View Post
    what things should my daddy do when im with him.
    well once in a while me and my friend meet,(its ok, hes 15 too), and im usually the baby, i get diapered, spanked, bathed, fed baby food, and when i dont feel well he checks my tempurature, lol

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