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    Ok so I live at home with my parents and I do have 4 brothers and sisters. I have limited money and there is no way I can sneak in a pack of diapers. I haven't wore a diaper since I was a baby but would like to try one on and see how it goes. I requested for a goodnite xl from walmart a few weeks ago. How long does it take to ship. Will I actually receive the sample or am I wasting my time? I'm very impatient lol

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    Not sure about shipping time but sneaking in a pack of diapers is pretty easy. Just put them in a backpack after you pay for them at the store. Then your only problem is a hiding spot.

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    I hate to wait. Sometimes I think I can make the diapers from scratch faster.

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    Your best bet is to just ride to the store, or wait till you can drive then go and buy some or buy one of those pre paid credit cards from the store that u can use online

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