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Thread: Do you jog?

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    Default Do you jog?

    I figured I'd post this for all the joggers out there. Just wondering: If you jog, how often do you jog? Also, how far do you usually jog? Do you jog in city settings or rural settings, or both? Do you jog in winter or summer, or both? Do you like jogging more, or some other exercise? What other exercises do you do? How strong would you say you are/think you are?

    I'm not posting this to creep on people's jogging routes, I honestly wanna know just because I've been trying to come up with unique ideas for a thread and I typed "Do you jog?" into the title and "No Similar Threads Found" came up. I like when that comes up. xD. Just wanted to clarify that, because I guess the intentions of one of my last threads got misinterpreted and my thread was consequently closed. ANYWAY, BACK to the point.

    Well, obviously I jog, or else why would I be posting this? I jog every day except Saturday. 'Tis my rest day. I usually jog anywhere from 3-5 miles. I usually jog in a suburban/rural setting, but when I'm with my dad it's more of an urban setting. I jog 6 days a week 365 days a year, rain or shine. xD. I also have that Iron Gym thingy. Y'know, the cute, testosterone filled commercial with the guy screaming like "IF YOU GOTTA DOOR, YOUU GOTTA GYYYYMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (non-exagerrated). Finally, when it comes to strength, I gotta say I think I'm pretty alright. I mean, I have a decent amount of muscle, but I'm not jacked (thank god. don't know about you but jacked is nasty to me.) and I trail the muscles as much as possible, but I do more cardio than anything. THAT'S how runnings helped me the most. I have awesome stamina and I can also run a lot longer since I started jogging.

    =From a Kid Who Loves to Run=

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    Ugh, hell no. If it were up to me, I'd only run if someone was chasing me. But, I love to do long distance rides on my bicycle (~40 miles a go), so I guess thats kinda similar. Although, I suppose in Rhode Island, you don't have enough room to do a 40 mile bike ride without crossing into another state :P

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    Don't jog but right now I walk to school everyday, mainly because it is free and parking costs money :P.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dcviper View Post
    Although, I suppose in Rhode Island, you don't have enough room to do a 40 mile bike ride without crossing into another state :P
    Oh, you have no idea how right you have it, friend. Even my jogging route cuts into Massachusetts. NO word of a lie. Yes, RI is that small. XD

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    Butterfly Mage


    I used to jog until I developed tachycardia. But I still do pretty brisk walks. I walked 17 miles last weekend.

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    I'm not one for jogging either, but I do like to do some proper walking quite regularly. There's a lot of lovely woodland and countryside around where I live so I tend to get out there most weeks when I can. Did a fifteenish mile one the other day, which was great, but it's normally more like seven or eight miles - just because it's easier to find the time. It's also ridiculously hilly where I live so that tends to make the walks into a bit more of an effort.

    Most of my walks tend to end in lengthy session in the pub, though, which rather tends to cancel out most of the exercise, I suspect.

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    Infrequently. I'm not really one to go on long runs - I hated long distances in PE in school as I'm much more at home with short bursts of fast running (fastest guy in my year). But I do need to lose some weight, so as I find time, I just go for a run around the neighborhood. THe good thing is that I can actually explore all the small streets I'd normally have no business going down. My last run was on Tuesday, when I made sure the Airbus factory, the airport and the tram depot were still in its accustomed places


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    I run 4 days a week. Run 5.2km in 24mins at the moment but I was up at 21:30 before I went traveling 3 months ago. (Argh for lack of training)
    Only work out for my rock climbing. Doing more core muscle endurance then leg and cardio endurance at the moment.

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    I do an hour of cardiovascular exercise every morning. A friend introduced me to a nice gym on our local base, so I decided to start working out. It has done wonders for my ability to shuffle! I'm still a noob of course, but I'm becoming more flexible and loosing bulk. I usually run on the max setting/incline for fat burn. Occasionally I'll do a workout for endurance, but my main goal is to lose body fat.

    I also eat very healthy.

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    My campus has the sidewalks that encircle it marked as a trail, and an awesome rec center for when the weather works against an outdoor jog. For the past few semesters, I've tried to get into a regular jogging schedule - my results have varied.

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