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    Super Mario Bros. Crossover - Official Website

    Here the deal, the game is basically Super Mario Bros but instead of playing as just Mario, you can also play as Link, Ryu, Samus, Bill, Simon, and Mega Man. The games is kickass. They took the awesomeness that is SMB and act more to it to create a new challenge. Link is the size of small mario and can uses his boomrang to grab items/coins and stun enemies. Simon can double jump and throws axes along with his whip. Samus can roll up in her ball and uses her bombs. Bill is basically god especially when he get the fire flower. Mega Man can slide, change up his buster when he get a mushroom and can uses Rush to jump higher. Ryu can climb walls and uses his shurikens. Anyway if your bored, you should play this game. It freaking SMB so you know this game won't suck .

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    heh, played this.

    if I had PLAYED any of the other classics in their NES forms, I could probbably do better.

    This is sorta hard! DX

    Its fun being that guy from contra though. (I think its contra?)
    Bill, hes from contra, right?
    Ill try the contra code later.

    Even with a gun, I cant beat 8-1 :S
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    Heh, it's really cool. I made it to level 7-4 with Link, I need to get back into playing it though. Maybe when I'm bored. It's a nice time waster.

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