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Thread: Something weird just happened today

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    Default Something weird just happened today

    Earlier in the day I try to come to this forum but instead our Norton program detects this site being effected with a virus on here so it doesn't let me in. I just clicked back and didn't come here.

    I thought it was very weird because I have been coming here lately and this has never happened. My husband suggested maybe this forum was hacked and a virus was placed on it or one of the ads had a virus in it.

    Has anyone ever had this happen here or on any website they go to usually?

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    i think this may have just happened to me. came here and avg threw up a warning about a trojan. :s

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    Stuff like that does happen, however moo is on the forum everyday it seems and he's very much a techie. I'll be surprised if Adisc ever get's a virus/bug for very long.

    Also, quit using pay for virus scans.. Google Avast and use that program.. it's 100% free and protects just as good as norton against viruses, bugs and Trojans.

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    I don't think we pay for ours. I would have to ask my husband about it. He is the one that does everything on the computer. I know all our bills and virus scan isn't one of them.

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    Avira is the best free scanned imo, and usually in tests beats out AVG, Avast, Norton, McAffee and so on (minus in false positives, which they have done an amazing job of cutting way way down the past year)

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    I've been working on this for the last few hours. I've scanned ADISC with a bunch of tools (and visited it with Avast, AVG, etc)... and not found any malware.
    Check out this thread for more information:

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