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    I'm and older child of 47 who's been in and out of diapers all my life. When I was a preteen before Al Gore invented the Internet I thought I was so weird having the feeling I had, wanting to be diapered and wearing plastic pants. I've had my hot and cold times. Threw away all my stuff lots of times until "The Monster" creeped back into my life again as it always would. Then finally I came to except this as me, as does my mommy (wife). My kids know as well as a couple of friends. I drive truck back and forth across this country. Some times mommy comes along to take care of me. Some times I may drive in just my diapers and a tee-shirt during the night, but really I'm very discreet while I wear them. I hope to make some good friends here, perhaps write a couple of stories and offer my opinion, advice, and comments for whatever they may be worth. Good luck and enjoy life.

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    Hey, welcome to adisc That would be awesome if you wrote some stories or commented :P. Got any other interests?

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    How many children do you have? Do you play any sports?

    It's nice to hear you have a supportive wife

    Welcome to ADISC

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    I have 3 daughters 2 grown and one almost 16. I have 2 grand babies, both boys 1 and 3 that are a my joy. I have another on the way. My hobby is playing with my iPhone and other electronic gadgets. I play farmville and my favorite is imobsters. I am also finding joy in learning to play the indian wooden flute in which i have 2 that are very nice. I travel a lot, always on the move. I have a very comfortable new truck which is my main home. I listen to a lot of audio books and the satellite radio and have a huge music mp3 library. I have a great stereo that has satellite, line in, USB in, mp3 cd, and it rocks. For the most part it's drive, sleep, repeat. I also like to read and write. I spend about a month on the road then go home for about 3 days. My job is to keep the goods of America moving, remember, if you have it, at some point it was on a truck. It's getting into winter soon, the time of the year I least enjoy driving as the danger level goes up a lot. I'm also trying to eat smart and exercise since trucking can be an unhealthy occupation if one is not careful. I train other new drivers and my alt life style gets put on hold during that time. But my last student is done and something wants out to play. What a weird life, huh? 40 years, don't think it's gonna to go away. You accept it or let it drive you crazy. I find acceptance so much easier on your mental well being. Some may find my life exciting, but it's truly lonely a lot of the time and can be boring. But it's what I know to do and I do it well. Over 20 years now. Well gonna close for now... As tigger says... Ttfn.

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