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Thread: Buying diapers in Florida

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    Default Buying diapers in Florida

    Hi Folks,

    I am visiting Florida in a few weeks and I am wondering where I can buy Diapers like Molicare or Tena or an other Brand in Florida.
    In Germany adult diapers are not sold in normal Stores only in Pharmacies and there only with service. So everone is ordering them online.
    It is my 2nd USA visit. The last time I bought Depends from Wallmart but even the "Maximum Protection" was disappointing. Even though it was nice to have 6 tapes.
    Is it possible to buy better diapers in an store without service? Since I have no adress in the US mailordering is out of option.

    Perhaps you have some hints for me.

    Your Max

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    it matters where in Florida you are visiting. I live in Florida so i can probably give you some hints. What city are you going to?

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    Hi benjaminwolf,

    I am renting a car and so I be staying at different places. I am starting in Orlando and then I will be travelling via Tampa and Naples to Miami and then back to Orlando.

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    ok i live in northern florida, but iv spent a lot of time down in southern florida. I don't know if they will have the exact brands you want but the stores you want to look in are CVS, Publix (if there are any down there), Walgreens, and any other pharmacys of a decent size.

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    I used to live in flordia about 3 months a year and I don't remember CVS, Publix, or walgreens having anything better than depends. You may be able to find a medical supply store while your there which may sell stuff like Attends. Try googling "medical supplies in tampa" or the like and see what pops up and give em a call when your in the area.

    All -in-all when your best bet to ensure you have what you want/need is to bring them with you.

    Good luck!!

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    I went to CVS a few days ago and i saw tenas but i could be mistaken

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    Good point ben. I forgot that some pharmacies carry the cheep tenas, but there not full fledged diapers like attends or molicares are.

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    True, but doubling (or even tripiling) up could create a sufficient diaper

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    We have a lot more casual availability of diapers here but they tend to be pretty poor as you noted. You might get lucky if you search online in the area where you'll be staying and look for incontinence supplies. You're not likely to find anything good at a big chain but some stores that cater very specifically might be able to help you ou. There is one store in my area that sells both Molicare and Tena, so it does happen. Not at all common, though.

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    Another thing you can do is look on either Tena's or Tranquilities Website and do a find by location... That's how I found where do buy some Tranquility ATN's in Wisconsin the last time I went to visit.

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