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Thread: Problems with over analyzing

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    Question Problems with over analyzing

    As the title says I have a problem with over analyzing. I for some reason try to over comlicate things even when their is no reason. I have PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) from an event witch, for now, i don't think I should say (Il just say it sccared my face and my mental health permentantly). Any one have any tips or similar problems. Im 14 by the way, if that has anything to do with it.

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    When im looking at something like artwork or and act of violence (i watch a lot of docementarys on the history channel about serial killers.) , i try to find greter meaning in it, even though most of the time there is none. I constantly think why did this person do this or that person do that and i just have a hard time accepting its just coencidence or a random occerence.

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    It's called critical thinking, and it's a very valuable skill to have! Of course, there is an extent to which you probably shouldn't go - like coming up with some kind of government conspiracy to explain why the cashier at McDonald's didn't give you any ketchup - but it's a very healthy and intelligent practice to think things through, especially when it comes to art and media. Art is meant to be over-thought - the same goes for literature. One of my favorite pastimes is to analyze advertisements. What was their motivation? Who is the audience they're targeting? What message are they trying to send? In art and media, there is always a reason why the creator did what they did; there is no coincidence.

    Trust me, it's a gift. Not everyone can - or will, for that matter - find the greater meaning in things, especially in the mundane.

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    Your awesome Ashland! You put an uneasy mind to rest. Thank you.

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    Hey, no problem, I like helping people use their brains Oh, also, if you do have trouble finding the meaning in something, do a little research on the subject.

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    It just means that you are the sort of person that art museums look for to write up information on the pieces that they exhibit.

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    Hi there, I know exactly what you mean. I have never heard the end of it myself, that I over analyze everything to death. When I had my IQ and abilities tested officially last year, part of the returning 'diagnosis' was that I was actually hindering myself by having an 'overly reflective thinking pattern'. Basically, they were telling me I was really smart, but I analyze things to the point of confusing myself.

    Apparently, critical thinking, like most other things on this world, is good only at optimal levels. While critical thinking skills are a definite gift to have, it is important to watch yourself. Some of the greatest minds of this world literally drove themselves nuts over things. Make sure to keep in touch with the outside world and have a social group that you are a part of (even if it's only online, it beats having none at all).

    I also have PTSD, as well as Sensory Processing Disorder, which can have an effect in this area, as well. Basically, my brain has a hard time unscrambling the sensory input it receives, so to live a 'normal' life, I have to constantly analyze everything I'm doing and what is going on around me. At times, I just get too into it and can't stop analyzing everything. This may not describe your situation necessarily, but it's a thought.

    Overall, I wish you the best, from one over-thinker to another .
    Oh, and yes, it can lead to some kick ass jobs if you play your cards right!

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    Quote Originally Posted by spddan View Post
    Overall, I wish you the best, from one over-thinker to another .
    Oh, and yes, it can lead to some kick ass jobs if you play your cards right!
    From one thinker to another. Virtual Highfive!

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    i'm much agreeing with the other responses. on a social and emotional note, critical thinking (scientific thinking, analyzing, etc) also has many advantages (and obviously, disadvantages). our lives are complex and very little happens in them which can be dismissed as entirely random or coincidental as everything is interconnected and plays off each other. the skill is to learn to spot the patterns in the chaos, and how and when, or not, to react to them.
    i hope your thinking will help you in addressing your personal issues, simply cos it's free therapy!
    anyway, good luck with it all and try to maintain your independence in thought; but don't let me influence you

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