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Thread: Diaper in class

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    Default Diaper in class

    Ok so the other day i wore a goodnite to class .... and I just could not get myself to piss sitting down .... anyone have any tips .... even though it was prob a good idea that I did not go bc i had to piss a lot!

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    well ........just push the first couple times and the more you do it the easyer it gets(also i would do it when you really really have to go)

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    time and practice. being in a diaper, being in public, being in class, and sitting down are combining to override your control. Try working on these things one at a time. You'll make more progress with each successful wetting, even one step at a time. For me the harder part is getting started. Once I start I'm usually good. So for me, I'd spend all day in a diaper, and every 1/2 hr I'd wet just a little, just to work on getting going easily and quickly. I had to life almost completely off my chair to start with, but now wetting while seated is easy.

    So first get adjusted to wetting your diaper. Then get adjusted to wetting while seated. Then wetting in public. Then it's off to school for the final lesson!

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    practice this stuff when ur not in public to, u dont want to take the chance of leaking especially with something thats like a pull up. my thing is, real diapers for the real world and the thicker the better. it took me a while to use to pissing in various ways. its still a bit tough for me to wet while walking but i can do it.

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    You will most definitely have to change though after you go. :/

    Pee does smell after awhile, and it's horrible to your skin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inu View Post
    You will most definitely have to change though after you go. :/

    Pee does smell after awhile, and it's horrible to your skin.
    I think wetting early in the schoolday would be the fine making of a horror story to tell us...

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    try it for an afternoon as you can fix up anything that goes wrong. in my experience i did it once at high school and never tried it again. It is a world of fear and you will be so paranoid.

    But hey, it is up to you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Me :p View Post
    You'll never be able to wet in bed...

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