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Thread: Being a TB/DL, do diaper related things stick out more to you?

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    Default Being a TB/DL, do diaper related things stick out more to you?

    Title says it all. To me, it seems like they do. Like, diaper commercials seem to catch my attention more than most other commercials. Same with diapers in shows. Parts with diapers seem to catch my attention more than other parts of the shows. How about all of you?

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    They do for me, when a commercial comes on I usually try really hard to look casual. In the end I probably just end up looking suspicious.

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    No doubt about it, they catch my interest much more than any other commercial advertisements do.

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    Yep, no question. The same kind of thing happens with cars. People who drive Ford's see Ford's on the road. People who drive Toyota's see Toyota's. If something is part of your life and interesting to you, you're going to notice it when you see it.

    I couldn't tell you what any of the current sitcom commercials are, but I can play every pull-up commercial I've seen in the last six months in my mind right now.

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    I have this same issue if that is what you would like to call it. I always feel really aukward when a diaper commercial comes on if im with people. This is mostly because if i watch the whole commercial i feel like people know i am interested in it, and if i dont even look at it theni feel like people know i am purposefully not watching it. I dont really know why i am like this because i bet that to everybody else they dont even notice whether i watch it or not. I geuss its just a paranoid thing.

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    They do, and I do pay more attention to them, even when I don't want to, such as when a diapers/baby/bedwetting commercial comes on TV or I walk through the hygiene products aisle in the supermarket and go past the diapers ect... I also get paranoia about people "noticing me noticing" (if that makes sense) - I think all ABDLs do...

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    I do notice them more and get the same fear that someone will notice that I noticed them.

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    Yea definitely. I think we all do. Does anybody deliberately walk through the diaper aisle about 6 times just to look at the diapers? I do

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    Just seeing the word "diaper" catches my attention.

    For example, I'm taking a film editing class and one page of my textbook talks about a scene from Raising Arizona where Hi steals diapers from a drugstore. Of course the point of mentioning this scene has to do with the editing techniques, not the props within the scene, but the fact that the word diaper is in there sticks out for me.

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