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Thread: Curse Bedwetting Trance Thingy?

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    Question Curse Bedwetting Trance Thingy?

    Anybody have any experience with the Curse Bedwetting file? I just tried it for the first time and it worked, which is great!, But now Im a little afraid that it might work during the day or something. Any thoughts?

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    I havent tried that file, not that i can remember but i can assure you that it wont make you wet during the day. As it has only placed suggestions in your mind to wet the bed at night.

    I have tried the curse baby file though and that one worked for me


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    I am fairly certain they are refering to files found at WMM. It is an ' over 18 ' years of age website.

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    someone apparently needs to have another chat with google.... googling for "Curse Bedwetting Trance", this thread is the first hit.

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    I tried a couple curse files quite a while ago. Apparently I'm not very susceptible to hypnotism, neither worked.

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    I tried many of the files off the 'WMM' site and none of them seemed to work for me.

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