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Thread: Change in baby powder over the years

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    Default Change in baby powder over the years

    I was at the grocery store last night picking up some odds n ends and was running low on baby powder, but was surprised to not find it in with the baby supplies OR with the foot powders... (the two places you find it most everywhere else) I finally had to ask and they'd stuck it with the shampoo... okaay.

    Anyway, I did notice that now J&J and the store brand are both carrying cornstartch variations of baby powder, that took me a little by surprise. I considered getting a small container of it to check out but didn't.

    When I got home I had time to clean out the medicine cabinet a little and lo and behold, two ancient almost-empty bottles of baby powder hiding way in the back, they could easily be 20 yrs old. (these were likely from my time as a baby) They were J&J brand, and I compared them with current, and was NOT expecting them to be different, but they were.

    The scent is the same, but the consistency is entirely different. Modern powders must be coarser grain, it comes out as a powder. This old stuff was much finer, the consistency of flour, it was really weird how it looks different than modern powder. Seems to work the same though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragsnick View Post
    Are you sure they just didnt thicken over the years?
    No, if that were the case, he probably would have reported that the older stuff seemed more coarse.

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    This is just conjecture, but they may have switched to a formulation that was more coarse to prevent the powder from becoming more easily air-borne. Inhalation of any fine, particulate matter is not very healthy for the lungs.
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    I believe they switched from actual talc to cornstarch over asbestos concerns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MessyMan View Post
    I believe they switched from actual talc to cornstarch over asbestos concerns.
    They do offer cornstarch alternatives now, but the original stuff still lists the ingredients as "talc, fragrance". That's what ALL the talc baby powders list for ingredients.

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    I just bought some, but the store only had the cornstarch alternative. I love the lavender and chamomile! I understand the difference, but hey! I think it still works as great as ever.

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    Talc is like crushed rock and theoretically carcinogenic, I switched to cornstarch and believe it is better anyway.

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