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Thread: West Coast Rap vs. East Coast Rap?

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    Default West Coast Rap vs. East Coast Rap?

    We all listen and/or know someone who listens to rap. For all my fellow rap heads out there, who is your favorite rapper and where are they from? Tell me what style you like more (East Coast or West Coast) and why? Do you like both? Do you like neither? (Then go away! Rapheads only xD)

    As for me, I'm a human contradiction. I'm West Coast all day, but my favorite rapper is Biggie. The thing is, he's really the only East Coast rapper I listen to. Everyone else in my playlist includes N.W.A, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Tupac, Hussein, MC Lyte, to name a few. See? All West. It's just Biggie. xD.

    Soulja Boy can't rap, though. D-Pryde's alright, but he's too commercial, so if you say Southeast Canada/Toronto area.... -_- And now I know one of you are gonna say it just to bust me.. Or who know? You might actually like him. If that's the case, Wow.

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    Well don't really like rap so probably don't count :P, the few songs I do like are mostly by West Coast rappers, So I'd have to pick West Coast.

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