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Thread: Where Do YOU Stand On The Political Spectrum.

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    Default Where Do YOU Stand On The Political Spectrum.

    I, personally, am almost as far left as you can imagine, but I can't say I'm all the way left because there are a few conservative policies I agree with, but not many. More specifically, I identify as a communist. I am all for the working class. I dislike the competitiveness of such a system whose purpose was actually to keep an economy flowing. I think everyone should live with like wages, then everyone would take their job for what their job is instead of how much they make. We'd have many more quality workers and the GDP would be way more evenly distributed, because we wouldn't have nearly the amount of people living in excesses like they do now. Thus, people would like their jobs more, be more passionate about it, thus be better at what they do. Take, for example, Cuban doctors. They don't get paid a lot, but they're some of the best doctors in the world. They don't do what they do for money, they do it because they love it. Not saying everyone on the Bourgeoisie system hate their jobs and only do their jobs for the money, but the sad reality is, many do. I know, I know Communism isn't realistic. It always falls, blahblahblah
    Well, it wouldn't have fell if people supported it. Everyone hated the USSR, and Vietnam started that "Kill those damn commies!" propaganda. Communists have a bad name. It's honestly not that bad. It's just all about equal opportunity. I love the idea. I know that it would be extremely hard, but I don't believe impossible, to make it work and make a country thrive off the system.
    Too many people, when they think Communism, they think dictators and Stalin. First off, Stalin was a fascist, which is exactly what primitive communism is against. Do not forget, communism is extreme left, while authoritarianism is extreme right. Communism is not dictatorship. Communism is equal opportunity for all. If this country got a GDP boost from the millions and millions that rock stars and rappers and movie stars carry around, we wouldn't be in such national debt, and china wouldn't be slowly overtaking us when it comes to GDP. Seriously, the US's GDP is rising at -(YES, A NEGATIVE NUMBER!)2.4% a year while China's is 9.something? In ten years we're going to be overtaken by China?! Whazzis garbage. We need to start exporting. People don't understand that... ANYWAY, your thoughts about your own political stance and/or comments and hateration about mine? xD

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    Economically, I'm slightly to the left. Basically I agree with the majority of Europe's socialist economics

    Socially, I'm pretty liberal. Not all the way to libertarianism, but not all that far away from it. My policy is to let people do what the hell they want, as long as it doesn't negatively affect anyone else; but I recognise that some degree of state control is necessary to enforce that "doesn't negatively affect anyone else" part.

    Unfortunately that leaves me with basically no one to support at elections. I'm somewhere between the Green party (who have a massive one MP) and the Lib Dems (who still don't have much of a chance of doing anything useful and, as much as I hate to admit it, seem to have sold their soul to the Tories and not been given much in return). I do disagree strongly with the Greens' opposition to nuclear power, though: yes, it's not perfect, but until we have working nuclear fusion working, I think it's the best that we have, since the "green" alternatives are going to be very problematic in one way or another...

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    im pretty lefty mostly due to my environmental tendancies, reason being is that essays on sustainability in the planet usuall call for progressive ideas.

    btw badger to your note of our suspician with renewables
    Beyond Zero Emissions take a quick look at this, while they ARE looking at australia, the technologies highlighted are still impressive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silent deadly alchemist View Post
    btw badger to your note of our suspician with renewables
    Beyond Zero Emissions take a quick look at this, while they ARE looking at australia, the technologies highlighted are still impressive.
    It's not so much a suspicion about renewable energy, so much as scepticism that many of them could ever be deployed to any remotely useful degree. Solar and wind energy require vast areas of land to produce the amount of electricity required for the modern world, which is fine for Australia and the US with your 2.8/kmē and 32/kmē respective population densities (implying that those countries actually have lots of unused land), but try finding the free space in which to deploy those technologies in the UK (255/kmē), Japan (337/kmē) or India (361/kmē), for example. They're perfectly valid technologies; I just don't think they're very practical for a lot of countries. You also have a lot of NIMBY-ism going on, and people complain that wind turbines spoil the landscape, so refuse to let them be installed anywhere.

    My personal solution to the "energy crisis" is, and has been for a long time, to throw money at fusion research (I realise that I'm saying this at a time when our Business Secretary has announced cuts to the UK science budget...). Despite the claims of many, it is progressing. We're now at the stage where the latest fusion experiments are producing as much energy as they consume. This is a massive improvement from the previous generation which consumed far more than they produced. Work is currently underway to build a fusion experiment which is predicted to generate more than it consumes. And this is a completely safe, clean and green technology. Plus, fuel for fusion power plants will essentially never run out (emphasis mine):

    Quote Originally Posted by
    Fusion power commonly proposes the use of deuterium, an isotope of hydrogen, as fuel and in many current designs also use lithium. Assuming a fusion energy output equal to the 1995 global power output of about 100 EJ/yr (= 1 x 10ē° J/yr) and that this does not increase in the future, then the known current lithium reserves would last 3000 years, lithium from sea water would last 60 million years, and a more complicated fusion process using only deuterium from sea water would have fuel for 150 billion years. To put this in context, 150 billion years is over ten times the currently measured age of the universe, and is close to 30 times the remaining lifespan of the sun.

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    Pretty far to the right, I'd 'spect. I donno, I haven't taken the spectrum test in years, and I think my views may have changed since then.

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    On the spectrum: somewhere around 650 nanometres (*groan* yes I know...)

    AlexAwesome (& others) you may enjoy this: RSA - The Crises of Capitalism

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    I'm a dirty, America hating, liberal hippie. Living in a city is basically the driving force of my opinions, though, as the public school I go to has no funding for anything anymore (including buses).

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    I'm a somewhat centrist Democrat. I tend to identify with individual issues, in part as they impact on my life, and in part, how they affect the lives and needs of others. I tend to side with social democracy. We are a complex society, and so complex solutions are needed. My wife and I live middle class lives, not making a lot of money. Yet, I still feel a sense of responsibility to others who have less than us. I also recognize that there is a difference between those who can't work, can't work effectively because of a lack of skills, or health, and those who are lazy, and are willing to let society support them. Living in conservative Virginia is not always easy.

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    I am probably a bit left-leaning to center when it comes to economic issues. There are some economic policies I agree with the left one, and some I agree more with the right on. Social issues very far left (to the point I'll vote for Libertarians sometimes). On issues of ecology, I'm not really sure where I would be at, I'm not way to the left, nor way to the right for sure. Haven't done a spectrum test in awhile to see where I would be.

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    I am a conservative with a few centrist views. I am pretty environmentally aligned, but I do recognize that oil is a reality, and the best way to live with it is to be as responsible as realistically possible to obtain and use it. I believe that I should not be the one to make a decision as to whether a woman can have an abortion (though I do feel that abortion is still inappropriately used as birth control after the fact.) I believe in capitalism, because if I take the initiative to get a degree, get a good job and work for my money, I deserve the money I make. I should not be penalized by paying more taxes to support someone who hasn't taken that initiative.

    Having been to the former Soviet Union (in 1986 - before glastnost) and having lived in a socialist country (yes, Norway does have socialist policy), I have to say that those systems will eventually implode. It would be nice if people could just do the jobs they like and not worry about getting a better job for better pay, but then who would do the jobs no one wants to do? Secondly, the strains that a socialist system put on the worker to support the social programs, primarily for those that don't work, are too much to maintain over the long haul. Norway has about 6,000,000 people, and only about 600,000 workers paying taxes to support that entire population. Were it not for the oil resources here, the system could not survive.

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