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Thread: How much sleep do you guys get?/How do you guys sleep?

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    Wink How much sleep do you guys get?/How do you guys sleep?

    Do you usually get good sleep or bad sleep? How much sleep is adequate for you to go through your day fine with? How much sleep is too MUCH sleep for you? Is there such thing as too much sleep for you? Where do ya sleep? What times do you sleep during the day? Do you lay on your side or what? Do you got a nightlight, or is it completely dark? Do you sleep with an object e.g. a teddy bear, etc? Anything, How much sleep do you guys get/How do you guys sleep?

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    Heh, funny timing, i'm writing this while not being able to sleep. Through the summer, I had kind of a 24/12 day, meaning staying up 24 hours, and sleeping for 12. My body naturally goes into that cycle for some reason, and I think it's rather cool. I just need to convince the rest of the world to adopt the 36 hour clock now.

    When I do have a schedule to keep, it seems that I need 8-9 hours of sleep to feel well rested. In high school, that consisted of about 5 hours of sleep in the early morning (I love staying up late. Being nocturnal ftw!), and 3 hours of sleep at school. Thank you, math and lunch.

    I usually sleep on either my side or back, I have problems sleeping a lot and I switch positions many times per night to try and get comfortable. I sleep better when it's dark, so my curtains are usually drawn and the door's shut (parents used to freak out about the door being shut, it was weird.)

    I need two pillows, but I think that's just because I use ratty old pillows that aren't as thick as newer ones. I sleep with my awesome teddy, he's nice and snuggly. My grandma used to be into making blankets, so i've got this awesome one that's just right for the fall, spring, and most of the summer. Come winter, I move to a nice thick comforter.

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    Last night I got 2 hours of sleep, and I can already feel myself being dead for energy.

    It wasn't even a block of two hours, it was a few minutes of lapsed time in which I wasn't conscious. My dad decided we no longer needed air conditioning, not realizing my room becomes a sauna. I eventually brought up a fan, then I didn't really "sleep" until 3-4-ish, and my mom came and took the fan ~5, so I've been up since 6.

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    2-4 hours a night most nights. 6-10 weekends. Then 15min cat naps everynow and then.

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    not much i got to bed at 10:30pm get up at 5:25am

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    I normally sleep about six to nine hours. But it varies, especially the past few days...

    0, 15, 4, 11

    That's the past few days right there. I almost never go without sleeping an hour, but it happened. It might actually be the first time ever. It was actually about 30 hours since I had last slept to when I finally got some sleep.

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    I usually sleep 4 to 6 hours and then go back to sleep sometime during the day on weekends and during the summer.

    ( BTW, shouldn't this be a Poll?)

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    Most week nights 6-8 hours sleep.

    On weekends about 6-12 hours sleep.

    ....and then when I'm on holidays some nights I stay up for the heck of it and get no sleep at all.

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    I usaly get about 5 hours of sleep. No mater what time i lay down I strugle to fall asleep. Then once i do fall asleep I wake up randomly during the night. I sleep on my side or stomic but never on my back. I had surgury on my back when I was 12 and after that I could never get comfy on my back. I fell tired threw out the day and I'm completely dead when i get home from work.

    As of last friday I was sucribed some RX sleep aids and they seem to work pretty good. I sleep about 8 hours last night and never woke up during the night. I still fell tired today but will see how I fell after a week of full sleep.

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    It's ok sleep, 6.5-7 hours is good for me 9 is to many. Sleep usually 1-3am to 8-10am. Sleep on my stomic, no night light all dark, and the object(s) my wife and dog.

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