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Thread: Depend fitted maximum protection

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    Unhappy Depend fitted maximum protection

    So... I think its unanomus among the ABDL community that Depends really suck.. but unfortunatly thats all they sell at Walgreens next to generic brands.

    I've been using the pull-up type but I just got some fitted max protection and I dont really like them. I cant seem to get the waist snug, any tips?

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    not completely I don't mind the fitted maximum protection, they fit better on me then the attends do I think even though I enjoy both, can't wait to try Bambinos!

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    I think they're okay as a light use diaper. Good for concealment, they feel like a real diaper and they're widely available. I'm glad they're not the only thing on the market but I'm okay with them for their purpose. I haven't really had a problem getting a good fit with them. It might just be something you have to experiment with a little to get just right. Maybe you can find some inserts to use if you want to increase capacity?

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