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Thread: Rather Amusing Diaper-Related Story.

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    Default Rather Amusing Diaper-Related Story.

    My cousin works in film editing, and one of the projects she was working on was an add for Huggies. I guess Kimberly Clark is in the process of imagining their products, and one of the marketing strategies was getting to know their customers. So they spent a few days with mothers who use their products, in order to present a pitch reel.

    According to my cousin, it ended up looking like a Pro-Choice commercial.

    All of the mothers were teenage or young mothers who were (or appeared to be) extremely unhappy. Their babies were crying non-stop, and a lot of the mothers were heavy smokers.

    On top of that, the director was a miserable man who had just had a second kid that he didn't want, and so he kept telling her: "I WANT THE HUGGIES TO BE SAD!"

    My guess is Kimberly Clark has to reassess their target demographic, and find a director who loves babies.

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    >_> That's kind of sad... maybe they should have picked better people or something... I dunno..... That's kind of really sad.

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    That sounds like a terrible commercial :P

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    I don't think she was actually working on behalf of Kimberly-Clark since a ad like that would be catering to single moms, broken families, and teenagers who have made poor choices. I am sure KC wants to appel to the world as a family company, and in ALL of their add's they suggest that their products (as in huggies, pull-ups, goodnites) solve leaks and makes babies, toddlers, kids and/or teens happy and comfortable. Thus improving the overall family's mood.

    this also targets the broken familes too and the single mom's. they see the ad's and if they can't have that life, they can at least emulate it using huggies on their child/children.

    What the OP seems to be talking about is amking a fictional ad using a real product while straying away from that prodcuts normal advertising campaign. In short, his cousin is still in film school.

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    Wrong. And an arrogant assumption as well. She's an established free-lance editor, and she has worked on lots of projects.

    She was working for KC, and the recruiters were fired for making poor choices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Possibly Insane View Post
    Wrong. And an arrogant assumption as well. She's an established free-lance editor, and she has worked on lots of projects.

    She was working for KC, and the recruiters were fired for making poor choices.
    yeah, because a company advertising baby diapers wants a depressing diaper commercial that goes against their entire history of advertising?

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    There's a growing trend in advertising towards being realistic, honest and amateurish. There's a DSL company who was known for having massive problems and shitty customer service here, so they filmed a spot with one of the people who deal with customer complaints. It looked rather amateurish, but at least it came across as honest and believable.
    Maybe Kimberly-Clarke is going the same route. Sorry to say so, but the demographics of mothers isn't exactly improving lately, and keep in mind that more than half of the marriages in the U.S. break up. Divorced couples have become the norm, not the exception. Why not make a depressing commercial to reflect that? You can always chalk it off as community involvement if it leads to discussions about the status of today's mothers.

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